Today’s Headlines

  • Revised DOT Plan for 111th Street Keeps a Car Lane and Drops Crosswalks (DNA)
  • Doored Cyclist Run Over by MTA Bus Driver in Williamsburg, in Critical Condition (DNANews)
  • StreetsPAC Petition Calls on NYPD to Update the Public on Matthew von Ohlen Investigation
  • Nassau County Exec Ed Mangano Expected to Be Charged in Corruption Probe (WSJPost)
  • Christie Will Appear in Court to Answer Bridgegate Summons (Post)
  • De Blasio’s MTA Board Appointees Make News by Not Sitting on Their Hands (WSJ)
  • Bronx Motorist Who Killed Three People Last Halloween Indicted for Homicide (DNA)
  • Someone Died After DOT Changed an UES Intersection to Accommodate One Motorist (DNA)
  • NYPD Issuing Criminal Summonses for Crossing Tracks Where LIRR Removed Ped Bridge (TL)
  • Advance Looks at History of Attempts to Bring the Subway to Staten Island

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  • “While painted crosswalks had been included in the original plan, they
    are not in the updated one due to the width of road with two car lanes,
    an official explained.”


  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Could the fact that people are constantly instructed to ride in the door zone be increasing dooring risk?

  • JudenChino

    Yah, Smith St is awful. 9th was super dangerous this morning. This is why I now take Bergen across most days. This is from today:

  • Kevin Love

    Good enough for the likes of you.

  • ohnonononono

    The specific examples of what exactly BDB’s appointees to the MTA are doing are somewhat underwhelming given the headline.

  • Joe R.

    This reminds me why I rarely ride during the day. I got stressed out just watching that. I could even mentally smell the fumes.

    The title is perfect, too.