Today’s Headlines

  • The Q70 Is Now LaGuardia Link SBS (NY1)
  • MTA Testing Second Avenue Subway Tracks (NY1); December Opening Looks Doubtful (DNA)
  • Garbage Truck Traffic Poisoning the Air in Poor Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens Neighborhoods (News)
  • New Taxi Tech Will Include Fingerprint Scanners to Verify Who’s Driving (Verge)
  • City Council Weighs Tour Bus Cap and Other Reforms (AMNY)
  • Schneiderman Charges Off-Duty Cop Who Shot Motorist Delrawn Small With Murder (NYT, DNA)
  • DOT Installs 31st Avenue Bike Lanes Over Objections of Queens CB 1 Concern Trolls (DNA)
  • DOT Could Still Make Improvements to Metropolitan Avenue Crossing Before Someone Dies (DNA)
  • Bronx Times Reporter Patrick Rocchio: Why Didn’t East Tremont Road Diet Prevent DWI “Accident”?
  • A Year After Installation, Cyclists Evaluate Disconnected Clove Road Bike Lane (Advance)
  • Motorist Strikes, Injures “at Least Two” People, Including a Child, in Borough Park (Post, DNA)
  • People You Share the Streets With (Post, Post, Advance)

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  • “Schneiderman Charges Off-Duty Cop Who Shot Motorist Delrawn Small With Murder (NYT, DNA)”

    They find or identify the owner of the car who killed Matthew Von Ohlen yet?

  • AMH

    Glad that DOT is going ahead with the 31 Av bike lanes. Maybe someone will find the courage to ticket the double-parkers.

  • Joe R.

    The situation with the garbage truck pollution certainly makes the case for fast-tracking a switch to electric garbage trucks. It would reduce the noise problem also. Garbage trucks seem tailor-made for electric drive. Slow speeds, many stops, relatively short routes where range isn’t a major issue all point towards electric drive. The city should set an example and start converting its fleet now. There should then be a mandate in place to get private haulers operating in NYC to convert by 2020 or thereabouts. This would be the first mass roll-out of electric fleet vehicles in the country. NYC could follow this up converting its buses and patrol cars.

  • notsurprised

    Guarantee they find the courage to ticket cyclists…

  • bolwerk

    I’m not clear where that technology stands. Can you actually get at least a shift in before having to recharge? Is rapid recharging with induction advanced enough yet?

  • Vooch

    yes – but Hiding The info

  • Joe R.
  • Simon Phearson

    Unfortunately, pavement conditions on 31st Avenue are such that the painted bike lane puts cyclists often where they don’t want to be. I would describe it as an improvement, overall, but there are a number of spots where I wish I had license to share the main traffic lane.

  • Flakker

    “Private sanitation workers also measured pollution inside the cabs of their trucks for the report – and found the asthma-causing pollutants at levels seven times higher than the average outside air along their route.”

    durr who could possibly be to blame for this? Certainly not the workers themselves, who idle constantly with windows closed and A/C on for their own comfort at the expense of everyone else’s air?

  • djx

    I’m sure some people at NYPD know who the killer was already.

  • Of course they do. It was a bit of a facetious question.

  • Flakker

    The solution is partly congestion pricing, to eliminate inefficient routes through congested parts of Manhattan.

    We spend too much on trash collection already but as long as we spend so much we may as well have city collection of commercial trash. Move to a fee-per-can system for everybody, in exchange for a sales tax cut.

  • Emmily_Litella

    Engine idling is rampant. I just don’t get why vehicles are allowed to idle in 60 and 70 degree weather. Oh yeah, clueless morons everywhere – busy texting, sexting and looking for Pokeymen.

  • Vooch

    über Training Video – how Not to door cyclists

  • AnoNYC

    Red Hook Houses residents: ‘We’re tired of Citi Bikes and people making decisions for us’

  • Flakker


  • AMH

    You do.

  • Simon Phearson

    I understand what you’re saying. I guess what I mean more is that, in a shared lane, I don’t feel too self-conscious about moving around the lane, because I take the lane anyway, so I’m not behaving in a way that drivers can’t predict or adjust to. It’s a bit different when I leave the lane to avoid lane conditions. Like, they can see I’m avoiding a double-parked car or pedestrians, but a big pothole?