Today’s Headlines

  • Turning SUV Driver Kills Gerald Walpin, 84, Crossing East 79th Street (GothamistAP)
  • 14 People Injured When MTA Bus Driver Goes Thru Green, Hits Fire Engine With Sirens On (PostNews)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Strikes Livery Cab in East NY, Injuring 2 Kids and Their Grandparents (News)
  • Motorists Coopting Protected Bike Lanes — It’s a Problem (Gothamist, CBS2)
  • The Assembly Failed to Pass a Transparency Bill Disclosing State DOT’s Project List (MTR)
  • 20 Pedestrian Wayfinding Maps Coming to Downtown Jamaica (DNA)
  • If You Get the Plate of the Hit-and-Run Driver Who Injured You, NYPD Might Still Do Nothing (Post)
  • Off-Duty NYPD Sergeant Drove Drunk Into a Pole and Onto a Staten Island Yard (News)
  • More Drunk Driving News From the Weekend (NewsPost)
  • NY Water Taxi Founder Perplexed By City Hall’s Ferry Rollout (Crain’s)
  • Ride in Peace, Bill Cunningham (NYT)

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  • BBnet3000

    Protected bike lanes and cyclepaths where motor vehicle intrusion is a known problem should probably get bollards. It’s quite clear at this point that the NYPD will not enforce bike facilities. The bollards don’t need to have ridiculous truck ramming k-ratings, they could be basic ones that could be removed once a week for street sweeping. Follow the Dutch standards for spacing, don’t make them awkward for cycling like the ones on the Manhattan Bridge.

    Could these be done using operating funds?

  • JudenChino

    I don’t understand why they’re giving the Ferry business to Hornblower. Just nuts. What a fucking waste of money. I wish someone would do some FOIAs to try to find the “real reason” because on its face it’s ridiculous.

  • JudenChino

    Oh, anyone else enjoy that 40 block or so closure of the Hudson River Greenway on Sunday? I sure wasn’t full of pride as I dodged cars on the Westside Highway.

  • Driver

    Look at the series of pictures on the NYPost link. The firetruck obviously struck the bus, despite both papers incorrectly reporting the opposite.

  • Elizabeth F

    If you see a car in the bike lane, stop in front of it. For it to back up to the end of the block and get back in the car lanes. Video the encounter on your cellphone camera.

  • Vooch

    good for you – If the Hudson PBL closed ,then own 12th Ave

    If thousands own the Lane on 12th, then perhaps someone Might realize …

  • HamTech87

    Weren’t these made this wide for emergency vehicles?

  • Vooch

    yes – “If you see a car in the bike lane, stop in front of it. For it to back up to the end of the block and get back in the car lanes. Video the encounter on your cellphone camera.”

  • BBnet3000

    Not as far as I know of. The minimum width is typically said to be for the purposes of street sweeping and plowing, though there are some that are too narrow to do that with a conventional vehicle (Sands St, Allen St, Fort Hamilton Parkway), which would also be too narrow for an emergency vehicle.

  • Mike

    Sure, but it still could be the bus driver’s fault for running a red right in front of the fire truck.

  • com63

    Articles say the bus driver had a green. Firetruck was probably running the red and either didn’t see the bus or assumed the bus was going to stop. I don’t know who is at fault here. Presumably the bus driver could hear the sirens, but didn’t stop.

  • AnoNYC

    Streetsblog should do a report on bike lanes and pedestrian safety infrastructure that either disappeared or was never implemented as part of the plan.

    An example of bicycle infrastructure that has disappeared was the parking protected lanes on W 170th St in Highbridge. The FDNY complained without actually fact checking the problem or looking into alternative solutions.

    An example of a pedestrian safety improvement that was never implemented was the reconfiguration of the intersection at Close Ave and Westchester Ave in the Bronx. Close Ave was supposed to terminate into Bronx River Ave prior to Westchester Ave with a new pedestrian island to simplify the crossing and shorten the distance.

  • van_vlissingen

    Maybe Manhattan activists could organize something like that? Take over the entire lane of traffic for some miles. My understanding however, is these closures come with no warning.

  • Jonathan R

    The lost lane on West 170th St was covered here on Streetsblog. The editors used my picture.

  • Jonathan R

    Emergency vehicles in NYS are required to use “Due regard” standard when going lights-and-sirens; you can go through reds but must yield to traffic with the green.

  • Vooch

    then it would only be just to flash mob taking the lane on west street/12th ave from WTC to 55th one Summer Saturday without warning

  • AnoNYC

    Just examples.

    You can now see the missing W 170th bike lanes on Google Maps Mobile/Earth. RIP.

    And I would like to see a list, to have an idea how common this has become.

  • Susanmmcdaniels1

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