Today’s Headlines

  • Cabbie’s Failure to Brake Unattended Vehicle in Midtown Kills 22-Year-Old Woman (PostNews)
  • Broken Rail Caused Massive Delays on 7 Train During the Monday Morning Commute (DNA)
  • As of This Week, Many More New Yorkers Can Get the Transit Commuter Tax Benefit (NY1)
  • Amtrak Activates Positive Train Control Between NYC and Philly (WNYC)
  • DOT Cuts Ribbon on Safety Improvements for Bruckner Blvd/Hunts Point Ave Intersection (BxTimes)
  • What It Takes to Get Charged With Reckless Endangerment for Bad Driving (News)
  • Cap’n Transit: Knowing You Killed Someone Is Not a Penance
  • 2nd Ave Sagas Previews the Year Ahead for the MTA
  • Photos: Workers Put Finishing Touches on $4 Billion Transit Station (AMNY)
  • Which Celeb Rides the Subway Best? (AMNY)

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  • reasonableexplanation

    LI’s connections to NYC are good, but to anywhere else? Not so much, unless you want to go through NYC (adding to the congestion).

    LIRR is great as commuter rail to NYC, but again, not so good for… anything else, especially in the anti-peak direction. (East side access aims to alleviate this by adding a 3rd track). Getting to JFK on the LIRR is allright, but to LGA not so much.

    The highways are congested both ways in part because any trip out of LI takes you through the city. A cross sound link would change that.

    There have actually been a few studies done (they’re pretty out of date, obviously) that detail some of the benefits:

  • Jonathan R

    Huntington has less than 20,000 residents. I think that’s about as many people as use the 181st St IRT station.

  • SSkate

    Speaking of unattended vehicles, I don’t know that I ever saw this one show up in Streetsblog’s headline wrap-up, as it was just before Christmas. This one involved an MTA bus. Apparently no one hurt, but only some parked cars prevented the bus from rolling into something much worse.

  • HamTech87

    Not sure I agree that LI is isolated. Frankly, I’d be more ok with a new connection if it were transit-only, with strict development rings around stations instead of park & rides.

  • HamTech87

    “Long Island, and CT are unfortunately pretty de-centralized. Offices are often miles from each other, and local transit is just not there.” True, but these are policy decisions that can and should be reversed. Job sprawl is a huge problem that adds to the transportation burden of workers. You’re seeing this happen in Westchester with the decline in the office parks and the resurgence of downtowns like White Plains.

  • kevd

    Car drivers going from LI to the Bronx, Westchester or CT DON’T go through Manhattan now.
    Unless they like going out of their way for no reason or are doing some crazy toll-shopping.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    $50 is reasonable toll given the paltry traffic expected

  • AnoNYC

    The safety improvements along Bruckner Blvd have made navigating the all too often deadly intersection of Hunts Point Ave less menacing. Turning traffic has been calmed substantially at that intersection and the pedestrian island and curb extensions reduce the likelihood of being stuck on the road when the lights change. Drivers benefit from less simultaneously turning vehicles, which reduces collisions.

    I’m looking forward to the new bicycle lane too, though I hoped that phase 2 was proposed by now. The new lane isn’t very useful without a continuation to the Randall’s Island Connector and Willis Ave Bridge. Apparently this will be the more difficult stretch and it’s badly needed at E 138th Street and the elevated Bruckner Expressway exit at E 142nd St. Total reconfiguration needed at both locations.

    I think it’s also clear that the BX 5 and 6 require SBS. Traffic is heavy along E 163rd St and the Bruckner drawbridge. I would actually combine the two routes and especially add off board payment, traffic light synchronization and bus only lanes/queue jumps. Both of these buses pass this intersection, and better buses might draw drivers (traffic).

  • AnoNYC

    Promotes sprawl.

  • bolwerk

    Connections to and through are both pretty good, which is in line with LI’s constrained geography. Obviously solving city congestion with something like rational road pricing would benefit Long Island as well without adding an inch of rail or road. Another connection somewhere else is at least technically feasible, but it remains that the bulk of LI’s road needs will be toward NYC or from the west and south for supplies.

    I don’t think the LIRR is exactly useless for other trips these days. It’d be nice if the inner LIRR stations would be rapid transitified.

    The highways are congested both ways in part because any trip out of LI takes you through the city. A cross sound link would change that.

    I have trouble seeing how the city’s proximity can be blamed for reverse peak congestion. A little bit of it may be reverse commuters, but the bulk of it is probably local traffic. From what I can tell, the proportion of commuters from LI driving into Manhattan is actually in decline too. Any way you slice it, a new connection just adds to congestion no matter where it goes. This is virtually unavoidable.

  • stairbob

    And make it a subway/SIRR line.