Today’s Headlines

  • Port Authority Tasked With Creating Gateway Corporation (AMNY)
  • NYPD Arrests Man on Parole for Biking in the Street, Sends Him Back to Jail (Gothamist)
  • DOT Closes City Island Bridge With “Ceremonial Last Ride” (NY1)
  • Eric Adams Directs Funding to Brooklyn Greenway Projects (DNA)
  • State Senate Rejects Cuomo Subsidy for Faux-Urban Staten Island Development (Politico)
  • Ydanis Rodriguez Opens the Door to Densifying Inwood (DNA)
  • NYC Commuter Rail and Express Bus Riders Get Bigger Break From the IRS (Crain’s)
  • Passenger Dies When Driver Crashes Into Parked School Bus in Flushing (News)
  • Advance: Ingrate Pedestrian Arrested for Punching Driver Who Didn’t Run Him Over
  • Reducing Traffic Violence Not Cited as Priority for Incoming SI DA Michael McMahon (Advance)
  • Jonathan Lippman, Whose Court Defended Killer Drivers, Reflects on Progressive Legacy (Politico)

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  • Fool

    Would you look at that!

    -One specially chartered bi-state agency originally tasked with creating a rail tunnel between the two states.
    –Creating a specially chartered bi-state agency originally tasked with creating a rail tunnel between the two states.


  • nanter

    That gothamist story about the felon arrested not for “biking on the street” but rather for resisting arrest has no relevance to livable streets issues and has no place here.

  • BBnet3000

    Did you read the story? The whole thing started (according to him) when they told him to bike on the sidewalk, and one of the original charges was “obstructing traffic”.

  • BrandonWC

    Deportment of Transformation strikes again, upgrading signage at 1st Ave and 59th St

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Resisting Arrest Is the default charge when one has not done anything Wrong

  • nanter

    You originally inquired if I read the article. I did. Did you watch the video?

    In the video he was riding his bicycle in circles, not simply traveling through the area (like someone else in the video on a citibike who went unmolested by the police) which is a violation of traffic laws and could be interprete as impeding traffic. They didn’t tell him to bike on the sidewalk – they told him to get on the sidewalk as they were also likely informing others who were going into the street to protest.

    If you refuse to follow a reasonable order given to maintain order you can expect to be arrested. When they attempted to arrest him he resisted, as is clearly seen on the videos. It may be the “default charge” but was valid in this case.

    This is not about a guy on a bike being unfairly targeted by police – this is about a guy breaking the law who happens to have been riding a bike at the time. Again, this has no place here.