Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio: “Community Boards Don’t Get to Decide” on Street Redesigns (WSJ)
  • City Limits Checks In on the City’s Vision Zero Progress
  • Turning MTA Bus Driver Hits and Kills Woman in Sheepshead Bay Crosswalk (News, Post)
  • Subway Delays Soaring as Platforms and Trains Get More Crowded (WNYC)
  • Alon Levy: MTA Should Change How It Determines Subway Frequencies (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Assault, Groping, and Lewdness in Subways on the Rise Too (Post, AMNY)
  • Hit-and-Run Victim Urabia Nelson Is Unresponsive and Her Sister Wants Justice (News)
  • “Moderate Risk” 2nd Avenue Subway Won’t Start Service in 2016 (News)
  • NYPD Enforcing Traffic Laws Near Senior Centers This Week (NYT, DNA)
  • DOT Clocks 60 Percent of Drivers on Astoria Boulevard Speeding (TL)

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  • Walter Crunch

    Finally someone stands up to these little fiefdoms.

  • Walter Crunch

    Better quote:said Mr. Hindy, a founder of Families for Safe Streets, an advocacy group. “Be aware that just because you’re driving two tons of steel, you don’t have any more rights to the road than a kid walking across the road in the crosswalk.

  • “Turning MTA Bus Driver Hits and Kills Woman in Sheepshead Bay Crosswalk (News, Post)”

    So is this another case where but for the advocacy of the TWU that gutted the ROW law, a bus driver would otherwise be charged?

  • Rose Allen

    It should also be pointed out that this left turn would have been eliminated under a proposal over the summer that was opposed by the community board.

  • Zero Vision

    Weird! Mayor de Blasio said community boards don’t get to decide about street safety.

  • bolwerk

    I’ve been seeing “subways take too long to build” arguments for decades. Had we spent those years building them, even in small MOS increments, we’d probably have some relief now.

  • Steve O’Neill

    I’m glad to see pedestrian deaths continue to come down, but it’s not clear how much Vision Zero™ is helping. This year’s number seems to be part of an ongoing trend which predates Vision Zero.

    Here’s a spreadsheet I made which illustrates:

  • Joe R.

    The downward trend predates even the street improvements under JSK. Evidently something else is going on here but I’m at a loss to figure out exactly what. It’s not like driving habits have improved since 2002. If anything they’ve gotten worse. The trend does seem inversely proportional to gas prices ( ). For now I’m going to say higher gas prices caused people to buy smaller, lighter vehicles, which in turn cause less harm when they hit pedestrians. SUVs and pickups both seem tailor made to kill pedestrians in terms of their bumper and grill heights. Even a relatively small reduction in their numbers could result in a significant reduction in pedestrian deaths. If gas prices stay low we my see an upward tick as more people go back to larger vehicles.

  • JudenChino

    Unfortunately, the person tasked with standing up says shit like this:

    The November deaths underscored the difficulty of reducing fatalities in a metropolis where traffic flows through some of the most densely populated streets in the U.S.

    Those accidents [CRASHES, NOT ACCIDENTS] may have been caused by the lingering effects of Daylight-saving time, the annual shift of schedule that some transportation experts say can shift peoples’ body clocks and affect driving conditions that contribute to accidents, said Polly Trottenberg, the city’s Department of Transportation commissioner.

    Sorry your mother was killed but unfortunately the driver who killed her hadn’t taken his melatonin supplement. Like, seriously, what the fuck. She’s out here making excuses for drivers. How about, the driver should’ve gotten more sleep if they were driving in conditions in which their attention was diminished.

    Sorry officer, I should’ve seen her, but you see, it’s really dark out this morning and I was driving as if it was light this morning, plus, because of the DST, I’m more tired than I otherwise would be. Officer: That’s unfortunate. Your punishment is a lifetime of feeling sorry. Gotta go and spy on Muslims doing charity.

  • Jimmy

    Is anyone else tried of these absurd enforcement “blitzes” by the NYPD?! Is this how they approach other public issues? “We are pleased to announce the Holiday Season Gang Violence Initiative. For the next 5 days we’ll pay attention to shootings and stabbings near buildings with green doors.”

    Just do your job, NYPD. Umm… ALL the time, not just following a press release.

  • Maggie

    I was surprised ‘accidents’ was used there. Ashley Southall is a better reporter than that – I almost wonder if an editor changed it back on her (him?). NYT should update its style guide.

  • Maggie

    Wish you linked to today’s NYT article on Cuomo and Penn Station. I’m left totally confused. It doesn’t mention Amtrak at all – I thought Amtrak was deep into the process of moving its ops over to Moynihan. It mentions a 5600 seat theater below Madison Square Garden – can this be right? And in the last sentence, it sounds to me like Cuomo’s trying a power grab to hand the entire project over from Related and Vornado to his campaign funders at Extell.

  • bolwerk

    Do their jobs? The safest I ever felt around the NYPD was that work slowdown in early 2015. Too bad I don’t really bike in the winter, because if I did I’d have enjoyed it all the more.

    The reason to think it won’t happen again is because all the parasites who feed at the trough of the Bratton pig state saw their welfare dry up.

  • Walter Crunch

    Let’s start with $100,000 tickets with half paid to the victims family automatically.

  • Zero Vision

    I’d say that was an unbelievably tone-deaf response by Polly Trottenberg but then I remembered that she blamed pedestrians and instructed them to do their part to be part of the solution of Vision Zero.

  • The theater mentioned is the old Felt Forum. I saw Bob Dylan there.

  • Maggie

    Oh, thanks! Didn’t know that and it wasn’t made clear in the article.

  • BBnet3000

    Oh great, Cuomo getting behind another public transportation project that has negative utility for public transportation.

  • Kevin Love

    Remember, it takes five NYPD officers to beat bloody an 80-year-old man. If it wasn’t for NYPD, who would administer the beatings?

  • Kevin Love

    Except when they do.

  • AMH

    The Times Ledger link redirects to “”.

  • neroden

    The thug mafia is weak now. It’s been revealed by the “work slowdown” that they’re not necessary.. It’s time to shut them down. Unfortunately, to do that you’d need a mayor who was willing to hire a real police department to arrest the majority of the old NYPD mafia.