Cab Driver Who Ran Over Kids on Bronx Sidewalk Blames Car

The livery cab driver who ran over four children and a woman on a Bronx sidewalk Wednesday blamed the car he was driving.

The driver, identified as Bialo Daillo, spoke with WNBC yesterday.

… Daillo … said he was heartbroken by the accident. The driver said he stepped on the break [sic] and the car wouldn’t stop. He said he feels fine physically, but is sad for those who were injured.

“I just care about the other people; I’m not bleeding. I’m sorry for the other people,” Daillo said. “Nobody wants that. Nobody wants this. I don’t know what happened.”

Daillo was driving a Toyota Camry. Video posted by WNBC shows him speed toward the intersection of Valentine Avenue and E. Kingsbridge Road, drive over a raised median, re-enter the roadway, jump the curb a second time and crash into a building where a group of children were waiting for a school bus. In the video the brake lights of the car don’t appear to activate until after Daillo is on the sidewalk where the victims were standing.

Three of the victims were a 33-year-old woman and her two kids. Two other children were also hurt. According to WNBC, an 8-year-old girl who was pinned under the car was in intensive care at Jacobi Hospital with a broken pelvis and broken legs.

Daillo, who according to the Taxi and Limousine Commission has held a for-hire vehicle license since 1998, works for Uber. Uber told Streetsblog he did not drive for the company yesterday. The TLC suspended Daillo from driving a cab pending the outcome of the NYPD investigation. Unless he is convicted of a crime or traffic offense, he will likely be reinstated by the TLC.

Immediately after the crash, anonymous police sources told the Post “no criminality was suspected.” No charges were filed yesterday. The NYPD public information office could not provide an update on the case this afternoon.

The crash occurred in the 52nd Precinct, and in the City Council district represented by Ritchie Torres.

Mayor de Blasio’s office sent a statement on the crash today, after I asked for one. It did not say the mayor planned to take any action relevant to the crash, such as directing DOT to inspect the site or reform rules that allow cab drivers who harm people to retain TLC licenses.

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  • The_Lone_Wolf

    You still haven’t told me why you didn’t post on that story i told you about here where the Camry hit the side of a building. I thought those were your favorite stories? I also told you about a Toyota and Jeep crash, but the comments for that one have been closed. That station only keeps comments open of some stories for a day or so. i don’t know why.

  • The_Lone_Wolf

    Yeah yeah yeah. I’ve got that one memorized. Did they claim your comments bordered on hysterical ( and they didn’t mean funny hysterical)?

  • The_Lone_Wolf

    So you didn’t answer me, Why do you cherry ick your stories to make it seem Toyatas have more accidents than any other make? I see accidents here every day. Five in the last two days, two fatal. Where were you? Bet you won’t answer that will you?

  • The_Lone_Wolf

    Why do you insist you know so much about al these accidents when you weren’t there? You said yourself that someone can’t corroborate a driver’s story because he wasn’t in the car. How can you justify you doing just that?
    Bet you won’t answer that one either.

  • The_Lone_Wolf

    One more question you won’t answer: Why did you never hear back from all those reporters you tweeted for more information? I remember two in Meriden, Ct. you asked for information from that you never heard back from. The reason I remember those two is because I moved here from Meriden. Lived there 30 years.

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    It should be about time for Charlene and Azar to take their leave from this forum. They can’t answer the tough questions I’ve presented them with, so off they go.

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    The thing Charlene and Azar seem to not realize is that by failing to answer my direct questions, they prove they have no case.

  • Alexander Vucelic


  • Alexander Vucelic

    so the professional driver willingly continued to drive a 4,000lbs 375 hp machine 45 MPH in an area packed with schoolchildren DESPITE knowing his car had a killing defect ?

  • Alexander Vucelic

    killer drive knew his car was dangerous and still used it ?

  • neroden

    So is the car being held as evidence to be professionally examined for mechanical failure? …didn’t think so. They don’t care.