Today’s Headlines

  • Cabbie Rear-Ends Another Taxi at Broadway and 63rd, Injuring Six (Post, News)
  • Gene Russianoff’s “CuomoCard” Points to Governor’s MTA Funding Responsibility (WCBSPost, News)
  • Post: Unruly Riders Leading to More Subway Delays
  • McDonald Touts State DOT’s Highway Bridge Replacements as Safety Initiatives (C&S)
  • De Blasio Rezoning Plan Runs Up Against Pols, Preservationists, CB Members (Villager, Crain’s)
  • Queens Courier Covers DOT’s Middle Village Bike Network Expansion
  • MTA Air Rights to Build LIC Mega-Tower (DNA, Post); Should Affordable Housing Be Required? (WNYC)
  • West Chelsea Landowner Seeks Zoning Tweak to Redevelop Parking Garage (TRD)
  • South Ferry Station Rehab Gets $343 Million in Federal Sandy Recovery Grants (Advance)
  • Census: City Grew Modestly Last Year as Upstate Continued to Shrink; Rockland Grew Fastest (AP)

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  • N_Gorski

    Seriously kicking myself for missing the QCB5 meeting on Tuesday. It sounds like everything they’re proposing is sharrows, which is nonsense: Metropolitan Av would be a disaster with sharrows (I can’t think of another four-lane road in the city where that’s the case) and Central / Cooper both have plenty of room for striped lanes or–even better–parking protected lanes on both sides.

    Central, on the other hand, doesn’t meet up with the existing 69th St / Catalpa lanes unless they put sharrows on Cypress Hills Av; otherwise, you’re kicking people out to Myrtle for half a block. But Cypress HIlls would actually make sense with sharrows–it’s narrow (easy to take the lane) and generally traffic is slow enough to be safe already. (It would also make an easier connection to the BQG for those heading SE from Ridgewood.)

    I really need to start paying more attention to this stuff…

  • joe shabadoo

    Hey Streetsblog, have you been keeping a tally of Governor raids on the MTA funds? I know you usually report on it when they happen but it would be great if you had a definitive list for the past 5-10 years or so.

  • Maggie

    Wow, $343 million for South Ferry Terminal reconstruction. Nice.