Today’s Headlines

  • Kyle Kimball to Step Down From NYCEDC in June (WSJ, NYT)
  • CBC Backs VMT Tax, Move NY (NY1), Says MTA Capital Gap May Be Wider Than Expected (Capital)
  • Turning Driver Injures Boy, 13, Walking Bike in UWS Crosswalk (DNA, News); Alternate Reality From Post
  • Turning MTA Bus Driver Seriously Injures Pedestrian in Crosswalk at Third and 57th (DNA, WCBS)
  • Three Injured in Marine Park Collision Between School Bus and Minivan (WCBS, WNBC, PIX)
  • Off-Duty NJ Cop Who Killed Two in Wrong-Way S.I. Crash Has Long Driving Rap Sheet (News, Advance)
  • Weisbrod Goes to Bat for Zoning Reform Proposals (News); Some Advocates Want More Time (DNA)
  • Using Value Capture to Finance Sunnyside Yards Affordable Housing and Infrastructure a Big Risk (C&S)
  • Court Cuts Taxi “Kingpin” Evgeny Freidman a Break as Bank Tries to Seize Medallions (News, Post)
  • Cuozzo Tries to Lay MTA Capital Plan at de Blasio’s Feet, Muddles Link to 7 Train Extension (Post)

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  • Andres Dee

    Regarding the boy hit on the UWS: The papers seem to have very different stories. Assuming they actually interviewed eyewitnesses (to their credit), is this a case of different perceptions or did someone punk the reporters?

    Also, IIRC kids under 14 are allowed to cycle on the sidewalk.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I actually think the Cuozzo piece was pretty fair, especially for Cuozzo, with regard to DeBlaiso and Cuomo. With both more interested in making sure someone else takes the blame for the decline of the transit system than trying to stop it.

    “In fairness, de Blasio isn’t the only one to blame. While he at least pays lip service to the subways, self-described “car guy” Gov. Cuomo calls the MTA’s $32 billion capital plan ‘bloated.’ Yet, as Nicole Gelinas has written, much of the alleged waste is Cuomo’s fault, for forcing the agency to pledge hundreds of millions of dollars out of future revenues to its unions.”

    However, he’s too kind to Bloomberg (who at least proposed congestion pricing) not to mention Giuliani and Pataki and Spitzer and Silver and Bruno, who stiffed the ongoing normal replacement portion of the MTA capital plan just as DeBlasio and Cuomo are doing and substituted debt instead. And also drained the transportation trust fund for roads.

  • Bolwerk

    De Blasio might miss the point, but he never had power or authority to do much about the MTA capital plan. He’s scarcely worth mentioning.

    The worst that can be said for him right now is he’s been kind of noncommittal on MoveNY.

  • Maggie

    Meanwhile on the east side:

    I’m wondering if NYPD has had enough training on the right of way law.

  • Jesse


  • Larry Littlefield

    It was a long time ago, but remember that both the city and state committed to the pre-Pataki MTA Capital plans. They cut off tax funds together.

    Now the Mayor and Governor are in effect pointing fingers at each other, while the City Council and State Legislature say nothing.

    When the (last?) MTA Capital plan expired, people said it was not a big deal. What happens when the state budget passes with no resolution? I’ll bet Cuomo is happy his budget will provide nothing first, so that the city will actually make the final non-decision.

  • Andres Dee

    “MTA employee Edward Rivera, 45, hit Alex Guzman, 17, while he was bicycling on Lexington Avenue and East 105th Street with a 2011 Hyndai Accord about 2:40 p.m. Sunday, sources said.”

    So Alex Guzman was bicycling on Lexington with a “2011 Hyndai Accord”?

  • joe shabadoo
  • joe shabadoo

    larry, can you link me to a source to read about that tax cut off? I’m sure i read about it at the time but need to refresh. thanks

  • Maggie

    Plus, what a crazy Steve Cuozzo column. I guess I agree with his main argument, kinda sorta maybe. But in a $75 bbbbillion budget for New York City, the only example he can throw out for unneeded spending is $35 million to prevent prison violence at Rikers? Really?!?!? Stay classy, New York Post.

  • Larry Littlefield

    It would take some research, but it was early 1990s. A much deeper recession that we’ve had since in the Northeast. Dinkins and Cuomo one did it, sort of as an emergency measure. Along with Cuomo having the state sell the Thruway to the Thruway Authority with the Thruway Authority borrowing to pay for it, in a budget known as the “Big Ugly.”

    Then Dinkins and Cuomo lost their re-election campaigns, and Pataki and Giuliani just kept up the policy of zero regular tax funding for the MTA capital plan. I’m not sure Google searches go back that far, but I did find this.

    I also compiled historical data from the National Transit Database and posted it on Room Eight a few years ago showing this, but links to that site no longer work.

  • Larry Littlefield

    This also comes up, bigger and uglier.

    Recall that in January 1991 NYC lost about 200,000 jobs in one month, double the usual number post-christmas, crime was through the roof, 1 million people on welfare, thousands showed up in Harlem to apply for jobs at a new McDonalds, etc.

  • joe shabadoo

    Thanks Larry. You should do a podcast or something. This is a subject far too few new yorkers know anything about.