Today’s Headlines

  • TLC’s New Cabbie Test: More Questions About Safety, Fewer About Geography (NYT)
  • Will the Vision Zero Reconstruction of Fourth Avenue Include Protected Bike Lanes? (Bklyn Paper)
  • Looking at Transit-Oriented Development Beyond NYC to Make NYC Housing More Affordable (CapNY)
  • Steve Hindy: Right-of-Way Law Should Apply to Everyone, Including Bus Drivers (Crain’s)
  • YIMBY Foresees Unintended Consequences of Lower Parking Mandates for Affordable Housing
  • Van Driver Skids and Strikes Traffic Agent in Midtown (DNA)
  • How to Get Charged With Reckless Driving in NYC (Post)
  • Driver Smashes Up Front of Church in Nassau (Post)
  • Prendergast Wants to Deploy Subway Clerks Outside the Booth (News)
  • Weprin vs. Weprin (Post)

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  • Damn right we like it that way. If you’d like to call me a “snob” for preferring an objectively superior way to live, then go right ahead.

    When I rode my bike to Philadelphia and back, I spent most of my time in New Jersey. And once you get south of Newark and Elizabeth, man, that is absolutely nowhere. Despite the farmland, the word “sterile” certainly applies, as the traveller must endure a series of locales, ranging from suburban to rural, that just aren’t fit for habitation by thinking creatures. I can remember hitting Trenton after about ten hours of riding, and feeling a palpable sense of relief: “Ah! Finally, a city!”

    Then I went over a bridge to the further nowheresvilles of Bucks County, before coming back into civilisation in Philly.

    That trip drove home even further the stark contrast between the sensual pleasures of an urban setting and the stark nothingness of the suburbs. Someone who prefer suburban bleakness to urban vibrancy would have to be pretty empty inside.

  • Bobberooni

    Wow, bring on the myopic snob attitude, just let it all hang out. Does calling others “pretty empty inside” somehow fill you up?

  • Bolwerk

    Pinsky comes from that cohort of Bloomberg-era development-industrial complex types, I guess led by Dan “transit should encourage rich people to move in” Doctoroff.

    Though, TBF, Pinsky does seem to have done an about-face on parking at least.

  • As I said, I will readily accept being called a “snob” about a superior lifestyle. Such is my birthright as a New Yorker.

    And I was simply giving a rejoinder to your nonsensical comment about New York City being “too grimy”. Understand that correcting others’ absurd assertions is the responsibility of the intellectually honest observer.