Today’s Headlines

  • City Council Wants to Hire 1,000 Cops to Reduce Traffic Violence and Improve Police Tactics (Post)
  • The First Public Meeting for Queens’ First Select Bus Service Route Is Tonight (NY1)
  • More on the McGuinness Blvd 25 MPH Zone in the Brooklyn Paper
  • NYPD Seeking Suspect in Hit-and-Run Killing of Cyclist Angel Torres (Gothamist)
  • Driver Who Raced Around Manhattan Jailed for Driving Again (Post)
  • Potential MTA-LIRR Union Contract Modeled on TWU Deal (WNYC)
  • News: No More Port Authority Subsidies for Larry Silverstein
  • What’s Taking So Long to Fix the India Street Ferry Pier? (News)
  • Good Signs for Smart Growth in Suffolk County Capital Plan (MTR)
  • Vice: “Cars Should Be Safe, Legal, and Rare”
  • Cops on Bikes Prevent #myNYPD Campaign From Totally Backfiring (@HildaBikes)

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  • Bolwerk

    Yeah, if you’re gonna have a brute squad, much better it be on bike!

    They want to hire 1,000 more cops because we don’t have thousands of thousands of cops who could start just paying attention to traffic violence on their routine shifts? I guess the ones already there think they’re too good for such, ahem, police work.

  • The MTA has to keep a hard line with the LIRR unions. The TWU deal is less than what the UTU wants, but it’s still way more than they should be getting. Things like reform of archaic work rules is critical.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Good God, MORE cops? We have 2.8 times the number of police officers relative to population as the U.S. average, and more retired cops than cops on the job. We can’t afford that many, and certainly cannot afford any more.

  • Recyclist

    Traffic violence?

    Oh, you mean the occasional accident? Happens, unfortunately. But not to me, cause I know how to ride here.

    Stick around, noobie, you might figure it out.

  • Bolwerk
  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    I just don’t see how the marginal benefit of 1,000 more cops would reduce any of the following more than the money being spent elsewhere (as noted in parenthesis)

    Crime (Subsidized daycare, pre-k, after-school programs; local gvt supplement to SNAP)
    Traffic Violence (traffic calming infrastructure, more frequent subways off-hours).

  • Guest

    We’ll never survive the increase in drunk driving!

  • Kevin Love

    That’s funny!