Today’s Headlines

  • Shelly Silver Will Remove Cuomo’s $40 Million Transit Raid From Assembly Budget (News)
  • MTA Ridership Grew 3.6 Percent in 2013 (NYT)
  • De Blasio Nominates TLC Ex-Counsel Meera Joshi as Taxi Commissioner (NewsNYTCapNY)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Kumar Ragunath, 64, Crossing Northern Blvd (TL, NY1, NYT, DNA, WPIX)
  • Unidentified Man Killed by Driver Backing Out of Maspeth Driveway (TL)
  • Two Cabs Crash in LES, Injuring Passenger; One Driver Was Going 60 MPH (News, Lo-Down)
  • Golden and Malliotakis Launch Petition to Expand VNB Toll Giveaway (WNYC, WPIX)
  • Cuomo Funds New Bus Transit Service… to the Ski Slopes (News, Post, TU)
  • Bronx CB 2 and 41st Precinct Launch Joint Traffic Safety Task Force (Bronx Times)
  • Eric Adams in Caribbean Life: “Traffic Safety Reforms Must Be Fast-Tracked… We Need to Slow Down”
  • Tonight: Join TA for Workshop on How to Improve Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn (News)
  • Have You Spotted the 10 Citi Bikes Decorated to Celebrate Armory Arts Week? (Velojoy)

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  • Bolwerk

    Wow, Sheldon Silver opted against evil.

  • Schuss

    Not so fast Shelly. Cuomo needs that $40 million from NYC transit riders to pay for Ski Bus.

  • Bolwerk

    Why not? The affluent whites who like skiing probably don’t see any negative connotations in the word “bus” at all. And it’s not like they can afford cars because that socialist de Blasio is gonna tax ’em so!

  • Matthias

    Good op-ed in the Post on Saturday about firing dangerous cabdrivers. Apparently the helpless ruse is a recent excuse.

  • Bolwerk

    I took that 3.6% growth and plugged it into a financial calculator’s compounding function. If that can be sustained, ridership doubles in a little less than 20 years.

  • Emmily_Litella

    Umm… that word, Growth. It stimulates the endorphines in my brain, just like a bite of chocolate candy. I just try to ignore the ugly lump growing under my skin.

    We are supposed to feel good about this bit of newfound enthusiasm for transit? Its the result of people are running around like headless chickens trying to secure jobs, daycare, second jobs – just to pay the bills and bankster loan sharks. And what was the USAs population in 1956, like 2/3 what is now at most? Transit is great, but it fails many of us when we need it most. Like most riders who stuck with the transit habit during the decades of rising suburban hell, these new riders are there mostly out of necessity, not choice. That is, they are priced out of all the liveable places near work (or good public schools). Anyway, there’s plenty of room for more candy jewel gamers to stand next to you at 8 AM.

  • Bolwerk

    Maybe that’s partly true, but I’d say a lot of it is the result of people being willing to live in transit-rich areas again.

    Considering there has been little in the way of new construction, it’s probably about the best that can be expected.

  • JoshNY

    Apple released a new update to iOS today:
    Among other things, iOS 7.1 adds CarPlay, which is supposed to make it easier for people to use iOS devices while driving. Just what we needed.