Today’s Headlines

  • Bill Thompson to Bow Out of Mayor’s Race, Locking up Nomination for de Blasio (NYTPost)
  • Daily News Op-Ed Calls for Citywide and Council Candidates to Address Street Safety
  • Hit-and-Run Drivers Kill Two Women and Injure Senior in the Bronx and Queens (Post, News 12DNA)
  • Teenager Kills Himself in Brooklyn Crash (News); 2 Dead in Queens Motorcycle Collision (NY1)
  • Queens Principal: DOE Ordered Boneheaded Letter Blaming Kids After Curb-Jump Crash (DNA)
  • Daily News Says Driver Who Mangled Kids May Be Charged, Post Claims CIS Probe Is “Routine”
  • Related: No Charges Yet for Cab Driver Who Maimed Sian Green, Now Out of ICU (NBC, News)
  • Opponents Still Working to Halt Nissan Taxis (NYT), Which Aren’t Very Fuel Efficient (WSJ)
  • GAO Faults Port Authority on Toll Hikes (TransNat)
  • Land Grab Stalls Washington Heights Development That Would Put Parking on Top of 1 Train (DNA)
  • Debi Rose Says Staten Island Ferris Wheel Is Not a Done Deal (Advance)

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  • Doesn’t the DOE have anyone on-staff monitoring social media? The video showing the kids innocently walking down the sidewalk as the SUV jumped the curb and plowed them from behind… it was all over the place within hours.

    It sounds frivolous but we’re in a society that is hell-bent on efficiency, and the Internet is where a lot of late-breaking information surfaces first and foremost. To have an environment where everyone works-works-works and no one pays attention to the open world around them (thanks to oppressive policies on “personal usage” and ridiculous firewall products) is pennywise and pound foolish.

  • Anonymous

    The taxi MPG story, while not the worst thing ever, is simply unfortunate. Blame the judge who overturned the City’s earlier attempt to mandate taxi MPG; blame Congress for not enacting the taxi MPG fix; blame the City for not putting just a little more emphasis this time on it. This won’t end civilization, but society must continually move forward on issues like emissions. This is a small 10-year step backward rather than another small step forward

  • Nathanael

    The Taxi of Yesterday is embarassing. The city is fighting to force medallion holders to buy an inefficient, non-wheelchair-accessible taxi.

    *Forcing* taxi drivers to discriminate against people in wheelchairs, whether they want to or not, is a blatant ADA violation. (Regardless of some bogus court rulings.) Forcing them to buy fuel-inefficient cars is probably legal, but it’s *terrible* public policy.