Today’s Headlines

  • Poll: Quinn and Thompson Tied, De Blasio Would Trounce Either in Runoff (WSJ)
  • Gelinas Takes to Cycling (City Journal), Says GOP Candidates Must Address Street Safety (Post)
  • Gelinas: Next Mayor Should Embrace Toll Equity to Help Defuse MTA Debt Bomb (City Journal)
  • Thompson Wants Taxpayers to Cover More of the Verrazano’s Costs (Advance)
  • MTA Increases Q103 Service in Astoria and Long Island City (Post)
  • The Taxi and Limousine Commission Seized Record Number of Illegal Cabs in August (Post)
  • Liu Says Cemusa Wrongly Billed DOT for Millions (Post)
  • Speeding Driver Who Killed Self on West Side Highway Gets No Accolades From the Post
  • Motorcyclist Dead After Crash on Junction Boulevard in Elmhurst (News, TL)
  • Motorist Gets Parking Ticket Thrown Out by Showing She Was Double-Parked Elsewhere (Post)
  • Don’t Lock It Like Beckham (News)

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  • Anonymous

    Political power on two wheels: Don’t mess with the bikers!

  • J.M.

    I call shenanigans. No way that’s Beckham’s bike wheel. That low-end MTB wheel has been chained to that rack for ages. You can see the rusting axle nut, and the general grime on the wheel, lock, and the two very old, abandoned lock and chain on top.

  • Bolwerk

    The GOP’s idea of street safety is making sure you’re in motorized, hulking metal box, while lots of police are on the payroll to stop ‘n frisk “criminals” (their euphemism for blacks and poor people). Expecting them to address street safety is like expecting Josef Mengele to address medical ethics.

  • SteveF

    GOP definition of MASS TRANSIT:
    One Man – One Car.

    They are moving the maximum in mass per person that way.

    Solved that problem for you…