Today’s Headlines

  • They’re Not Against Bikes: Bike-Share Fob the Hot Accessory for Mayoral Field (News)
  • Weiner Refuses to Say He Would Add Bike Infrastructure, Clings to “Heavy Handed” Crapola (TransNat)
  • TransNat Solicits Advice for Novice Citi Bike Users
  • John DeRosa, 70: “This Is a Damn Good Idea. I’ll Ride That Sucker, No Problem.” (WNYC via TSTC)
  • Post Exclusive: Car Towed From Free Parking Spot; Post Reader Gets Excited Imagining Dead Tourists
  • More Coverage of Sheridan Expressway Plan From Tri-State and DNA
  • Taxi Medallion Owner Says City Probe a Product of Bloomberg Vendetta (NYT)
  • Speeding Motorcyclist Blows Light, Crashes Into Bus on 34th Street (DNA, Post)
  • Imagine If the City Planted a Pole in the Middle of a Street and Abandoned It for Months (NYT)
  • NIMBYs Just Have No Chance Against Brooklyn Spoke

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  • J

    This may very well be the tipping point. When most NYC mayoral candidates have bike share memberships, they’re almost guaranteed to have an occasion to actually use the system for short trips around town. When the top politicians in NYC actually understand what it’s like to ride a bike in the City, you know they’ll actually put some political support to improving conditions. It’ll be in their own interest. Probably the best piece of news I’ve heard all year!

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    I am just jealous they already have their fob. I’ve been camped out at my mailbox for the past 72 hours waiting for mine.

  • moocow

    It seems like they have been sent in reverse order, I’m in the 500s and I’m getting all itchy about it.

  • Ian Dutton

    That’s the “secret weapon” of bikeshare. There is no longer a line in the sand between those who own bikes and are therefore cyclists, and those who do not. At any time, anyone, or anyone’s friend or daughter or co-worker, could potentially be the person riding that bike or needing the safe space of a bike lane. That is monumental.

  • Guest

    Even if the candidates don’t use bike share and their memberships are all for show, my guess is that many of their staffers and aides will actually use bike share. So how long before one of them gets the ear of their boss about a blocked bike lane or dangerous intersection? We know that so many City Council members base their policies on the loudest gripes of their constituents, and this could definitely be a tipping point as you say.

  • PaulCJr

    The Senior Citizen’s comment is the best thing I’ve heard thus far today.

  • ADN

    Julia Marsh at the New York Post is killing it. I expect her bike-share stories will be submitted for a Pulitzer Prize.