Today’s Headlines

  • Cy Vance and Ray Kelly Can’t Say Enough About Some Criminal Cases
  • New NYPD Unit Dedicated to Tracking Down Stolen iPhones and iPads (Post)
  • Deaf to Traffic Violence Victims, Chris Quinn Responds to Plight of Food Vendors (DNA)
  • G Train to Get a “Full-Scale Analysis” From MTA (NewsSAS)
  • Bay Ridge Straphangers Join Up With Riders Alliance (Home Reporter)
  • TLC Can’t Keep Up With Proliferation of Illegal Livery Cabs (News)
  • Park Slope Business Owners Talk Up Proposed Seventh Avenue BID (Bklyn Paper)
  • Curb-Jumping Cop Crashes NYPD Van in Castle Hill, Flees Scene (News)
  • SI Student Suspended After Tweeting Pic of Teacher’s Van in No Parking Zone (Advance)
  • MIT Report: MPG Standards Not Nearly as Effective as Gas Tax Hike (NYT)
  • Post Columnist Cindy Adams Is Having a Tough Time (Keep Reading)

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  • KeNYC2030

    I’m glad to see the NYPD is finally getting its priorities straight.  Do we need more officers to investigate at least some of the thousands of crashes that cause serious injuries on our streets each year?  No, what we need are more cops assigned to help Apple product owners retrieve their devices. 

  • Joe R.

    @KeNYC2030:disqus Don’t you know it’s all about what matters to the 1%? If little Johnny or Jane has their precious iPad or iPhone stolen their world will come to an end. Meanwhile, who cares if someone’s grandmother from one of the more proletariat outer boroughs gets killed crossing the street? Maybe they should have just taken Xanax instead. After all, it’s just another “accident”, no criminality suspected.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the NYPD even has international spies who help recover iPads in foreign countries!

  • Did Cindy Adams have a stroke? That editorial is straight up unintelligible.

  • Anonymous

    @brianvan:disqus  I’m pretty sure that column was written PostPoster, the News Corp’s failed attempt to write software that could pass the Turing Test.

  • sara baloch

    Now i’m glad to discover your NYPD will be lastly getting it’s focus immediately. Accomplish we end up needing additional reps to analyze a minimum of some of the thousands of crashes in which bring about serious injuries upon our own pavement every year? Zero, what we will need are more police allocated that can help Apple company item owners obtain their particular devices.

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