Today’s Headlines

  • Jason Williams, 23, Killed in Unsolved Hit-and-Run on Nostrand Avenue in Flatbush (News)
  • Confirming Rumors, Scott Stringer Moves From Mayoral to Comptroller Race (News)
  • Bloomberg Extends Odd-Even Gas Rationing Through Thanksgiving (Post)
  • Paulina Rodriguez, 24, Blew a Stop Sign Before Fatal Queens Crash (News)
  • This Is What It Takes for Prosecutors to Charge a Driver With Vehicular Homicide (NYT)
  • NJ Transit Launches Internal Probe After a Third of Its Rail Fleet Is Destroyed By Sandy (Post)
  • Vote Coming on City Council Redistricting; Vito Lopez Expects a Big Boost (WNYC, Post)
  • Extension of Crosstown Midtown Bike Lanes Presented to CB 4 (Epoch Times)
  • The Bergen Street Bike Lane Is Protected Thanks to Barriers from the 78th Precinct (Beige Inside)

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  • Anonymous

    I recently spoke to one mayoral candidate who basically said, “I don’t follow the Transportation Alternatives line although I agree with them sometimes” and who didn’t even know the City’s speed limit — “is it 45” ?!?!  

    Let’s make our litmus test for mayor be knowing the City’s speed limit. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised that gas rationing is still on. Two days ago, I walked by four gas stations in Manhattan and they were all operating normally, with no line at all, and even with pumps to spare.

  • Andrew

    Re: vehicular homicide – Also consider that the crash took place outside NYC; the kid is being charged in Nassau County.

  • Anonymous


    Let’s make our litmus test for mayor be knowing the City’s speed limit.

    Maybe Transportation Alternatives could do that as a study: attend events held by all the members of City Council and all the presumed mayoral candidates and ask them what the speed limit is. I bet the number of accurate responses would be distressingly low–particularly if they asked as a follow-up, “Do you drive?”

  • Albert

    Sad about Stringer.  He would’ve gotten my vote for mayor, as the only candidate who hadn’t yet gone out of his way to disavow his previous support for livable streets.

    And now he’s running against Garodnick, another usual supporter of livable streets.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve already said that my litmus test for mayor is keeping JSK in charge of the DOT, and I don’t see any reason to change that stance now.

  • fj
  • fj