Today’s Headlines

  • Citizens Budget Commission’s MTA Plan: Higher Fares, Tolls and Gas Taxes, and Road Pricing (CapNY)
  • Related: Advance Hits the Thesaurus for “Outrage” Synonyms
  • At Stop-Frisk Hearing, Bloomberg Attorney Says City Council Has No Authority Over NYPD (NYT, DNA)
  • CB 2 Member Dismisses Residents’ Fears of Speeding Traffic, Trucks on Skillman Avenue (Q Gazette)
  • Queens’ 104th Precinct Reinstitutes Community Council After Its Director Was Arrested (QChron)
  • Prosecutors: Ex-NYPD Pedestrian Killer Kevin Spellman Had History of Driving Drunk (R’dale Press)
  • EPL: Congestion Pricing Critic Jeffrey Dinowitz Is NYC’s Top Assembly Environmentalist (R’dale Press)
  • Cap’n Transit Explains the Limits of Mondermanism
  • The Nostalgia Train Was On Duty in the South Bronx Yesterday … (TransNat, SAS)
  • … And Nine Percent of the Capital Bikeshare Fleet Was Docked at Nationals Stadium (TransNat)

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  • Guest

    The drunk driving cop story is really disturbing.  It shows just how much police corruption threatens the safety of our citizens.  Why was the NYPD covering for a drunk, and providing him with a car and a gun, so he could put everybody’s lives (including other officers!) at risk?!

  • Bolwerk

    Our neocon/pig-coddling government’s budget plan: lower MTA subsidies, higher car subsidies, and a lifelong vacation in Florida for the entire political class.  It’s been working out great for us.

    Speaking of pigs, they’ve been allowed to do pretty much whatever they want for nearly 20 years now with little oversight or public criticism, as long as they don’t sodomize someone. Stop ‘n frisk and ignoring traffic laws are appalling, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg in a system of entrenched authoritarianism where the punishment for most abuse, if any, is paid leave (=paid vacation) while being investigated.  Of course, things don’t bode well for NYC’s next four years either, since conservative soccer mom Christine “take no position” Quinn is the likely prime candidate for mayor (and Riverdale Press wants to know where our right-wing is, sheesh).

    As for Dinowitz, maybe time to come up with a better term than “environmentalism”? Hate to say it, but most “environmentalists” might be NIMBYs anyway, and probably are offended by the idea of sharing a subway car with anyone who looks different from them.