Today’s Headlines

  • “Most Gerrymandered Lines” in Memory Shortchange Dems, NYC (NY World)
  • Pedestrian Struck Once, Killed By Second Driver While Waiting For Ambulance (ABC 7)
  • Hoboken, Jersey City Hope to Have Joint Bike-Share Running This Summer (Jersey Journal)
  • Transit Use on the Rise in Even the Most Distant Parts of Brooklyn (Bk Bureau)
  • Lhota Wants to Expand Williamsburg’s Booming L Stations (News)
  • Queens Electeds Rally For Free Driving on Cross Bay Bridge (Times-Ledger)
  • Chris Christie Proposes Statewide Smart Growth Plan (WSJ)
  • Legislators Chafe at Cuomo’s Tight-Lipped Transportation Plans (Times Union)
  • Riverkeeper: Tappan Zee Plan Hasty Rush Toward Unsustainable Bridge
  • Atlantic Yards Plan to Reduce Driving Delayed By Months (AYR 12)
  • “Hasids vs. Hipsters” Spreads From Williamsburg to Crown Heights (News)
  • Why Did LIRR Cancel Two Trains to Catch One iPhone Thief? (Post)

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  • J

    If you want to read something depressing, check out the comments on the Hoboken bikeshare article. Granted, I doubt many of them actually live in Hoboken or Jersey City, but the level of dialogue there is at a 7th grade level, with wild misconceptions about what is happening. It makes the PPW dialogue looks downright civil and well-informed.

  • ddartley

    “Why Did LIRR Cancel Two Trains to Catch One iPhone Thief?”  Because property is more important than people in today’s U.S.

  • ddartley

    @J, thanks for the tip.  Time for good guys to jump into the fight.

  • Mbft

    Interesting story on how developers of parks made for the elite don’t get in trouble and continue tp get work. This about the High Line PArk:

    Wonder about what is going on at the Brooklyn Waterfront.

  • krstrois

    Hope someone can sue the shit out of that Hasidic landlord for housing discrimination.