Today’s Headlines

  • Rock Center JSK Profile: The Idea of Reclaiming Cities From Cars Hits Prime Time
  • NYPD Exoneration of Hit-and-Run Killer Contradicts Their Own Crash Report (Bklyn Paper)
  • Cap’n Transit: The Tappan Zee Is “Unsafe” Because NY State Squeezed on Another Lane
  • 78th Pct Hands Out More Tix to Prospect Park Cyclists Than Speeding Tix (Bklyn Spoke)
  • Meanwhile, a Driver Seriously Injured a Cyclist on the Prospect Park Loop (Brooklynian)
  • Planner: Extending 7 Train to Hoboken, Not Secaucus, Is the Way to Go (Crain’s)
  • Daily News Dismisses Victims Who Died on McGuinness Blvd as “Hipsters”
  • “Bicyclists-as-Gentrifiers Trope More Perception Than Reality” (Salon)
  • Daily News Reader Calls Out Bike-Hating Cartoonist Bill Bramhall
  • MTA Hasn’t Opened Real-Time Train Arrival Data for Developers (Transpo Nation)
  • 1% Carnage: Eight-Ferrari Pile-up on Japanese Highway (Bloomberg)

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  • I thought the Rock Center profile was awful.  They focused almost entirely on people hating her and hating bike lanes.  As if JSK and bike lanes have no supporters.  Then they let Hanline present her “facts” but made no mention of PPN or DOTs actual data taken using industry standard methods.  

    Then at the end Brian Williams was a douche about it.  And I am usually a big Brian Williams fan, but last night he lost me.

  • Brian Williams’ idea of living life to its fullest after 9/11 was to lease a Porsche GT2.

    So that’s where he’s coming from.

  • Breaking news: two guys named Willams and Smith think Sadik-Khan has an “exotic” last name.

  • Danny G
  • Anonymous

    RE: Daily News “hipster” story: Here’s a link to a story about the writer. Strange that she would be so callous when she rides a bike herself.  Maybe she needs to do that to get a piece that shows concern about bike safety past the Daily News editors?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that Daily News article by Simone Weichselbaum

    was *seriously* offensive.  They are *seriously* effed in the head over there.  What kind of editorial standards do they have?  If somebody in Bay Ridge gets run down, do they ask if the mother is grieving for her working-class goombah of a son?  Or someone in Tribeca, her yuppie-scum son? Or someone who works at the Daily News, her fraud-journalist of a daughter?  Seriously I have never seen a slur inserted into a sentence about a grieving mother’s deceased son in an actual newspaper before.

  • Anonymous

    @BenFried:disqus That post about Brian Williams being very into cars explains a lot.  No wonder he hates the changes in NYC streets!  In that Porsche, he is probably one of those swerving, aggressive drivers that other drivers like me hate.

  • carma


    you know, so what if he drives a porsche.  seriously.  does that automatically assume that he is a swerving aggressive driver?  ive seen worse stuff done in honda civics.

    and him owning a porsche is his choice.  just because you folks dont like it, doesnt make him a bad person.  i watched the clip and i didnt see anything that should have been offensive to either party.

  • Jim Crow

    The Daily News continues to sink to new lows. How long before they propose a “3/5th compromise” for hipster cyclists?