Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo on New Tappan Zee: “I Don’t Want To Hear About The Problems” (LoHud)
  • Prospect Park Bike Crash Victim Sues City for $3M (Post)
  • Federal Aid to Help Complete Lower Manhattan East River Greenway (WSJ)
  • Brownsville Elementary School Organizes Walking School Buses to Get Kids Home Safely (News)
  • Ratner Unveils New, Modular Design for Atlantic Yards Tower (NYT)
  • Upper East Siders Want Crackdown on Commercial Cyclists (DNAinfo)
  • Staten Island Electeds to Rally Against Tolls (Advance)
  • Marty Golden v. Daniel Squadron: A Residential Parking Permit Debate (Bklyn Daily 12)
  • Bronx Community Boards Discuss Fidler Bike Lane Outreach Bill (Bx Times)
  • East Side Access Worker Killed by Falling Concrete (NewsNYT)
  • The MTA Might Need Another $15B If It Wants Protection From Climate Change (Transpo Nation)

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Streetsblog will be on a light publishing schedule today. All our editors and reporters are in NYC for our annual business strategy and planning session. We also have a crack team of freelancers covering Scott Stringer’s transportation conference and will bring you highlights and analysis on Monday.

And one more thing: Thanks to everyone who made it out to Bike Habitat in Brooklyn last night for our “Streets of the Future” benefit! We had a blast.

  • Bolwerk

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a spirited pitch Thursday to build a new Tappan
    Zee Bridge, saying the bridge’s replacement is a metaphor for the
    state’s future and for too long the plans have been bogged down by

    He’s right, of course. Cuomo is trying to inflict a future of continued automobile-oriented indigence on New York State.

  • UESer

    When will CB8 crackdown on “delivery” truckers and van drivers who continue to kill elderly women and others crossing the street?  If the board spend a fraction of the time worrying about reckless drivers as it does about cyclists, maybe fewer people would die in their neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to kill your city, build parking downtown. 

  • Larry Littlefield

    A downtown with lots of parking is just a poor, crime ridden, expensive suburban office park.  The cities felt the need to compete for drivers, but they can’t beat the suburbs at their own game.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The private school bus drivers are going to go on strike, according to this post.

    We’ve discussed what they cost here.

  • fj

    re: The MTA Might Need Another $15B If It Wants Protection From Climate Change (Transpo Nation)

    As climate change accelerates it will utlimately be the prime concern politically and otherwise and the sooner people are made aware of the crisis situation the better:

    McKibben: Will Global Warming Be an Election Issue After All?