Today’s Headlines

  • Election Results: Democrats Win Key New York Races (Capitol)
  • No Christie Coattails in New Jersey (Star-Ledger)
  • Senate Republicans to Follow Golden and Lanza, Oppose Residential Parking Permits (Bklyn Paper)
  • “Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes” Crow Over Killing Plaza Street Bike Lane (News)
  • Molinaro: Cuomo Supports Giving Staten Islanders Special Discount on Port Authority Tolls (Advance)
  • “Cuomos Are Car People,” Says Brother Chris (NYMag)
  • Kimmelman Undeterred by Anti-Bike Hysteria, Doubles Down on Support (NYT)
  • Rockland Business Association Wants Tappan Zee Construction Now, Transit or Not (Journal News)
  • Did Tix Fix Scandal Lead Cops to Lock Up College Student? (NYT)
  • Inadequate Housing Options Lead to Dangerous Conversions (City Limits)

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  • Mr. Cuomo’s a weekend driver, huh? I’m cool with that. So long as he recognizes that the city can only accomodate his toy so much. Some of us have to get to work, you know.

  • Larry Littlefield

    You know what the locked up college student tells me?  That there is the executive class, the political class, and the serfs.

    Some of the serfs, like those who go to college and are from the suburbs, didn’t used to be the serfs, but among those in younger generations, they are the serfs now.  Are the beginning to figure this out?

    There are some young people downtown protesting against the excess privileges of the executive class.  Meanwhile, some young woman is locked up in retailiation for someone daring to question the privileges of the political class.

    The top one percent in income when “working,” and the top five percent in income when not working, as when on sick leave or retired.  If you don’t set your own pay in deals with your own kind, and leave others to pay for it while accepting what is left, you are a serf.

  • Has anyone ever tried to email Louise Hainline to give her a piece of mind? As a neighbor of hers, I’d like to say that her behavior and comments for years have been absolutely disgusting. She apparently has a CUNY email address that’s very easy to find.

  • Anonymous

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus  I think the clear message the police are trying to send is that unless they are allowed to trade favors, engage in widespread corruption, and operate beyond the reach of the law, their hands will be tied, and they will be forced to harass the defenseless citizenry in cruel and arbitrary ways.  Our choice, but they have the handcuffs.  I guess their calculation is that the public will back down?  I don’t really see that strategy panning out, but they seem to think it has legs.  Or they just value solidarity above all else, which keeps the “good” cops indistinguishable from the “bad” ones in the public eye.

    Great line:

    “There’s a fine line between brotherhood and thuggery, and the N.Y.P.D. is teetering on it.”

  • Plaza Streeter

    Yet another public comment from Hainline that demonstrates what an arrogant NIMBY she is.  She’s NBBL’s own worst enemy! 

    Since she’s so willing to shoot her mouth in this fashion, rather than an email exchange perhaps she would be game for a public debate on the subject of bike lanes, livable streets, and traffic engineering. 

    Then again, even being schooled by a professional probably wouldn’t deter her.  She has found her post-retirement calling and is clearly loving the attention.  She isn’t likely to go quietly into the night after NBBL’s appeal is dismissed.

    How sad.

  • PPW Watcher

    Ben: Yes, I’ve seen people try to speak with Hainline about this issue. Here’s how it goes:

    First off, she doesn’t seem to have much of any capacity for listening. She loves to hear herself talk. For Louise, a “conversation” is her talking and you listening. She comes across as being one of the most patronizing people I’ve ever seen in Brooklyn community life.

    Second, she is absolutely certain about her position that bike lanes are awful, DOT lies about “the data,” and, anyway, she lives there and nobody uses the PPW bike lane. There doesn’t seem to be any way of convincing her otherwise. She will immediately write off your points either as being “anecdotal” or “bad data.” She is the professor and you are the student. She clearly does not use a bicycle for transportation and has not studied or read much of the urban planning literature but she is deeply confident that her alternative plans are “better bike lanes.” Again: She comes across as insanely patronizing and totally lacking both self-awareness and public awareness beyond a one block radius of the penthouse at 9 PPW.

    Third: You get the sense that this is her life now. She is retired or retiring from Brooklyn College. At Community Board meetings she was often seen smiling and waving and whispering to her publicist, attorney and political consultant, Norman Steisel. All in all, you got the impression that the PPW law suit was a grand old time for her. All the media attention and rubbing shoulders with the Weinshalls of the world was a blast for her.

  • Freud

    Based on reading this analysis, one can only conclude that Louise Hainline suffers from an acute case of confirmation bias.

  • car free nation

    How about this Louise?

    It’s all fun and game until a 6 year old girl gets killed while biking on the existing Plaza Street lane.

  • Scofflaw Cyclist

    I think we should talk to the food delivery guys around PPW.  I don’t think it would be that hard to convince them not to deliver to 9PPW any more.  Any time someone from 9PPW calls up for a delivery just tell them, “I’m sorry there’s no safe way for our bikers to get there, so we’ve stopped delivering to that address.  If you have any complaints please direct them to Loise Hainline.”  I figure if all her neighbors are unable to get dinner delivered on cold rainy nights they might just figure out a way to shut her up.

  • Merriam Webster

    The next time there a car crash on Plaza Street, let’s not call it an accident.  Let’s say that the people involved got “Hainlined.”

  • Ian Turner

    Wow, that is some serious bike vitriol in the Times.