Crossover Mirror Bill Takes Effect Next January

The Cross Over Mirror, on the right, allows truck and school bus drivers to see in front of their hood. Photo: __.
The crossover mirror, on the right, allows truck and school bus drivers to see in front of their hood. They will be required on large trucks driving on New York City streets starting next January. Photo: ##

On July 18, Governor Cuomo signed into law legislation requiring that all large trucks driven on New York City streets have crossover mirrors to allow their drivers to see what’s directly in front of them. The law will take effect 180 days after the governor signed it, in mid-January.

Once installed, the crossover mirrors will save lives. Nationally, 71 percent of all pedestrians killed by trucks were struck by the front of the truck, often because the driver couldn’t see into the blind spot in front of the cab. Moses Englender, a four-year-old killed by a truck while tricycling in Brooklyn this May, became the tragic face for the law.

The extra mirrors might have saved the life of the cyclist killed by a truck driver in East Williamsburg yesterday. According to the Daily News, the driver struck the cyclist with his vehicle’s front fender without even noticing the impact. We don’t have enough information to know precisely what happened in that crash, but if the cyclist had been more visible to the driver as he rode in front of him, the driver might have been able to take action at the last second and avoid the worst.

Three other important transportation bills still require Governor Cuomo’s signature: complete streets legislation, Mayor Bloomberg’s taxi bill, and the transit lockbox. Cuomo is expected to sign the complete streets law, which his office helped craft. The taxi bill requires some technical amendments in the legislature before it can be presented to the governor. Cuomo has not publicly taken a position on the lockbox bill, which would make it harder for the governor and state legislature to steal dedicated funds from transit riders to use elsewhere in the budget.

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    “SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS:This bill would amend Section 375 of theVehicle and Traffic Law by adding a new subdivision 10-e to requireall trucks, tractors and tractor-trailers or semi-trailercombinations: 1) registered in New York State, 2) having a maximumgross weight of twenty six thousand pounds or more, and 3) aconventional cab configuration in which a) more than half of theengine length is forward of the foremost point of the windshield baseand b) the steering wheel hub is in the forward quarter of thevehicle length, to be equipped with a convex mirror on the front ofthe vehicle when operated on highways, other than controlled-accesshighways, in cities having a population of one million or more.Just goes to show how inept our legislatures can be. There are many big trucks that areregistered under 26,000 lbs that this law should also apply to. Often the only difference betweena 33,000lbs truck and a 26,000lbs truck is simply the registered weight. A truck like thisone commonly registered under 26,000 lbs. Not only will it not require these mirrors, anyone with a regular NYS license can drive one.

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     Anyone know what happened to the edit function (and the reply function for that matter) and why do line spaces not appear in the published text?

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    Driver – Disqus is terrible at text processing. I don’t think Streetsblog has any control over this. (Disqus is still a good idea, for a variety of other reasons.)

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    Is no one else interested in the gaping hole that the legislatures left open in this bill?  If a large truck is registered under 26k gvw why is it ok for it to continue operating with the same blind spots this bill attempts to address?

    Thanks Kaja, Disqus was a bit off yesterday.  I’m not sure why.


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