Today’s Headlines

  • Ticket-Fix Investigators Find Cops Tried to Clear Drunk Driving Colleagues (DNAinfo)
  • NYPD Traffic Enforcement Apparently Directed by Post Editorialists (Transpo Nation)
  • More Cuozzo Fact-Checking From Cyclists International
  • Red Hook Sign Scolding Reckless Drivers Gets More Attention Than Reckless Driving (News 12)
  • Officials, Residents Hope Graniteville Speed-Detecting Sign Will Do What Police Won’t (Advance)
  • Bloomberg Plan for Livery Cab Hails Could Be On the Ropes (WSJ)
  • James Oddo Wants People to Lose Their Jobs Over Easter Traffic Jam (NY1)
  • Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch Earns High Marks for Progressive Transpo Policies (MTR)
  • Evelyn Stevens Goes From Central Park Novice to Worldwide Cycling Phenom (WSJ)
  • Using City Streets as Personal Expressway, P. Diddy Shows Jim Jones How It’s Done (Post)

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  • NM

    One more headline for today: Loyal Streetsblog Reader NM Invests in Sprawl.

    In reviewing my 401(k), I’ve found that not only am I invested in oil companies, auto parts manufacturers, fast food conglomerations and others with a vested interest in sprawl, there is little I can do about it if I want to take adantage of the 401(k) tax benefits, as nearly everything in my plan invests in these companies, even the ‘socially responsible’ fund, which invests in Yum Brands. Kind of galling.

  • The News 12 article is cable television gated(this is the internet not TV, knock it off cable company’s), does anybody have a summary of that story?

  • J G

    The WSJ is celebrating Scofflaw Cyclists like Evelyn Stevens? Trust me, she didn’t stop at red lights, and was constantly over 25mph.

  • krstrois

    Don’t lump Jason Gay in with the rest of the WSJ. He is their lone voice of reason on cycling.