Today’s Headlines

  • Six-Lane Grand Concourse Must Be Tamed to Prevent More Deaths (News)
  • Rahm Emanuel Promises to Build 100 Miles of Protected Bikeways for Chicago (Transpo Nation)
  • Nothing to See Here: NYPD Internal Affairs Clears Cops Who Beat Sidewalk-Riding Teen (News, Post)
  • State Association Backs Rockland County’s Lawsuit Against MTA Payroll Tax (Patch)
  • More Coverage of Yesterday’s Report on NYC Job Growth and Transit (Crain’s, News, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Middle Village Mom Presses for Traffic Calming Outside PS 49 (Queens Chron)
  • MTA Inks Former Walder Employer McKinsey to Help Cut Costs (News)
  • TSA Agent Loses It After Fender-Bender in JFK Parking Lot (Post)
  • Australian Town Makes a Statement About Speeding (Reuters)
  • Lets Go Met: Knuckleballer RA Dickey Bikes to Spring Training (

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • Deputy Mayor, Operations, Stephen Goldsmith’s Twitter newspaper

    The Social Innovation Daily at

    is worth a read; today includes on it’s front page a retweet

    by Majora Carter & Transportation Alternatives of the NY Daily News article:

    The battle against cars has saved lives – Opinions – Guest Contributor DelMundo for News A New York City cyclist rides his bike on the bike lane that run along 73rd Avenue in Queens. For a lot of New Yorkers, “safe streets” is just one of …

    majoracarter #Bike #Infrastructure has made #NYC streets safer! @TransAlt .

  • ddartley

    Still no commute today, but on a 40 block bike errand, the number of non-official motor vehicles I saw flagrantly violate a red signal: one.

  • vnm

    I missed it when it first came out, but Tom Friedman sensibly argues for a federal gas tax of $1/gallon, phased in at 5-cents / month.

  • TKO

    Great to see another ball player bike to games. Remember Dodgers reliever Scott Radinsky? He used to bike to home games.

    Plus a former singer in the hardcore band scared straight!

    Bill Walton the basketball player is and was a big cyclist too!

  • Missed a few:

    Staten Island 21-year-old charged as driver in wreck that killed 2

    (from yesterday, but still no big surprise) Staten Islanders still face longest mass-transit commute in city, according to study

  • Attention Cyclists: NYPD now approves beatings in addition to tickets for riding on the sidewalk.

    Especially if you “threaten” to do it again. And you WILL do it again. Right? Who is ready for a beating, and more big cash payouts from the city?

    Kelly should resign already.

  • Attention Cyclists: NYPD now approves beatings in addition to tickets for riding on the sidewalk.

    But only if you’re Hispanic and riding in the ghetto. What are the white people in Central Park getting so bent out of shape about?

    That’s sarcasm, in case anyone didn’t pick up on it. If you, as a junior member of the elite, feel like you’re getting shafted by the servants of the senior elite, chances are that the underclass is getting it ten times worse.