Eyes on the Street: Taxi Crashes Into Upper West Side Bus Stop

Photo: Lisa Sladkus.
Photo: Lisa Sladkus.

A taxi driver plowed onto the sidewalk at the corner of 72nd Street and Columbus Avenue this morning, knocking into a signpole marking a stop for the crosstown bus. Lisa Sladkus of the Upper West Side Streets Renaissance was there and snapped this picture.

The NYPD press office didn’t have any information about the crash, suggesting that, luckily, there weren’t any serious injuries.

  • Bolwerk

    I’m sure he did it for an important reason. A cell phone call perhaps?

  • Shemp

    People hit on the sidewalk in Sunset Park yesterday were not so lucky…

  • Morgan

    How many times a month does this happen on the UWS? Maybe a Flickr tag UWS sidewalk crashes?

  • Marco

    That’s a strange direction for the cab to be pointing.

  • dirtycrumbs

    Better hold another City Council hearing on the menace of bicycles!

  • Morgan

    Here’s a pic of another cab smashed into the Broadway mall on UWS.


  • And here’s a Jeep that smashed into a bollard after riding through the Second Avenue bike path, observed yesterday.

  • Morris Zapp

    What dirtycrumbs said. This shit is beyond tired.

    Where is the outrage from community board types and sycophant electeds? Where is the call for zero tolerance? For “no driving on the sidewalk” signage? I really want to know.

    I don’t ride a bike, and I’m sick of the foofarah over “dangerous” cyclists getting all the attention while leadfoot sociopaths continue to kill hundreds a year with barely a raised eyebrow.

    This is madness.

  • @Moris Zap and dirtycrumbs: amen brothers, this is really starting to piss me off, I usually don’t care much for news but all the bullshit about cyclists being a public menace is bullshit, looks like red herring thrown in by pro-car “forces” to keep the public attention away from the real problem: the cars.

  • A mob-style attempt to wipe out the competition – and those who would use it?

  • Yesssss we need to get Upset.. REALLY upset… enough of the nice guy when they kill us right and left … I am a pedestrian and I am really P off .

    and what bout the blizzard when the ambulances could not get thought streets because drivers had ABANDONNED their cars in the middle of the street .. ARE any of these drivers going to be charged with involuntary manslaughter? Noooooo lets just blame the sanitation department ….

    The car owners are ruling this city


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