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  • Congratulations to the young women who ran the Lincoln Tunnel!

    An excellent example of peaceful civil disobedience!

    Very creative and effective. The country needs more women like them.

  • Doug

    JohnBiker, while I bet it was fun, I’m not sure it was a useful stunt. Is there anyone advocating for pedestrian access to the Lincoln Tunnel? All it seems to have accomplished is annoying a whole lot of people to make a “statement” which was not well communicated (if there was a statement being made at all).

    I agree it does show a lot of creativity and chutzpah!

  • Re: neighborhood opposition to freight tunnel,

    > “How much does the city want to dump on Maspeth?” asked Linda D’Aquaro, whose son is asthmatic. “If you have alternative sites, why don’t you take it there? We’re already suffering.”

    Read: Yet Even More Truck Traffic for Brooklyn because I don’t want to share the burden, but I do want lower prices for the goods that get delivered to my town.