Today’s Headlines — PPW Rally Edition

In non-PPW news…

  • Report: Runaway MTA Debt Will Wallop Transit Riders Unless Gov Steps Up (Post, News, AMNY)
  • Meanwhile, Cuomo’s “Urban Agenda” Says Nothing About Transit (Transpo Nation)
  • Feds’ Cost Estimates for ARC Tunnel Come in $4 Billion Lower Than Christie’s Scenario (Transpo Nation)
  • Seven Injured in 6-Car Pile-up at Grand Army Plaza (Post)
  • State DOT Bungles BQE Sound Barriers in Woodside (News)

Your featured presentation…

  • Brooklyn Paper Pegs Turnout at 250 People for the New PPW, About 50 Against
  • Are PPW Supporters Invisible? No Mention of Huge Numerical Advantage on WNYC, ABC, NY1
  • Gothamist, Observer, CBS2, City Room Say It: Far More People Turned Out to Love the Lane Than Bash It
  • Fact: PPW Redesign Drastically Cut Speeding & Sidewalk Riding as Cycling Boomed (Transpo Nation)
  • This “Scofflaw Cyclists” Story Is the Bike Lane Piece That Appeared in the Times Print Edition Today
  • Outstanding Bike Lane Editorial From the Brooklyn Paper
  • From Before the Rally: Eric McClure Tells Fox 5 Why the New PPW Is So Much Better
  • PPW Opposition: Brooklyn’s Answer to the Tea Party (WYDNKBYANM)
  • Also Missed This Bit of Bklyn Bike Lane Humor in L Magazine Earlier This Week
  • Doesn’t This Man Realize His Absurd Sign Hurts the Cause of Eliminating Bikeways? (Ink Lake)
  • 28 Days Later, No One Really Cared How Many Parking Spots Were Left on PPW (Naparstek)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “But, as the MTA’s bond covenants specifically state, New York State has passed a law that prohibits the MTA from declaring insolvency and has pledged not to change the law for as long as the MTA has debt outstanding.”

    Then there is that pesky state constitution, that says state bonds require referendums. We passed three of those, for the Second Avenue Subway, ahem. Do younger generations really have a moral obligation to the moral obligation bonds, given what older generations have stiffed them with? I may have lost the argument in my time, but I’ll let my daughters know that there is no shame in not paying, in a society where no one else does.

  • In the spirit of livable streets unity, we should start by decriminalizing walking (often called “jaywalking”). No New Yorker bases their street crossing on the current legal code; we use our knowledge of city drivers, traffic signals, and particular intersections to decide when crossing is safe. Our crossing is often illegal, and the laws are never enforced. This is bad government and it’s completely unnecessary.

    People should be free to walk. Walk sign? You have right of way. Don’t walk? You don’t have right of way, so try to avoid being killed. This is of course how people already walk; is it too much to ask that our laws track somewhat closer to reality and, for that matter, decency? We are good people. We don’t need the state branding us criminals for walking around harmlessly, doing our jobs and paying the taxes that keep our retired civil servants happily fed, clothed, drugged, gassed up, and shacked up in Florida.

  • climateprogress Climate Progress
    ‘U.S.’ Chamber of Commerce pro-GOP, pro-pollution ad blitz is fueled by foreign oil –

    70% of oil use is transportation.

  • TreeHugger
    Check out the amazing forkless “Phantom Bike”! Really bizarre-looking