Primary Day Open Thread

## Hike Four## members Pedro Espada, Jr. and Ruben Diaz, Sr. both face challengers in today's primary. Will they have twinkles in their eyes after the votes get counted? Photos: ## Observer/candidate sites##
## Hike Four## members Pedro Espada, Jr. and Ruben Diaz, Sr. both face challengers in today's primary. Will they have twinkles in their eyes after the votes get counted? Photos: ## Observer/candidate sites##

So the big day is here and several seats in the state legislature are in play. Leave your analysis, predictions, and stories from the polls in the comments.

  • Ian Turner

    Well, I went to the polls this morning and discovered that I was not in the books. It turns out that changes to party affiliation (I was originally registered in the Independence party) do not take effect until after the next general election — essentially, you have to go through one complete election cycle before a change takes effect. And the Independence Party doesn’t participate in primary elections.

    See here, under “To change your party affiliation”:

    To me, this feels like yet another ridiculous rule designed to protect incumbents by excluding the people from participating in government.

  • Turnout was basically non-existent when I voted this morning. I think at 9:45 I was only the third person in my election district to have voted.

  • No hassle with the new voting technology at PS 75 in the West 90s. No lines, and there were always lines with the old system. The ballot reminded me of the mechanized test forms I used in elementary school decades ago.

    One of the few races that mattered to me was AG. Voted for Rice because I liked her campaign ads — she promised to attack Albany corruption, and she tried to link Espada with Schneiderman. It was a tentative link but I gave her points for classifying Espada as a problem.

    Also voted for Tasini for the House. Rangel has had a fine career, but now that he’s gotten himself booted out of his Ways & Means chairmanship, he’s not of as much use to the district. Four rent-stabilized apartments?! Time for new blood.

  • Kwyjibo

    Voted in Inwood around lunchtime with no problems. Light turnout from the looks of it. On the walk home I was assaulted by an Adriano Espaillat noise truck.

  • Robin

    South 3rd and Driggs (Williamsburg) was pretty busy around 9am, though I noticed the voting only occupied half of the cafeteria.

    There was vociferous campaigning taking place on the corners outside. Supporters of Vito Lopez vs. supporters of Esteban Duran. I think VL’s flyers and campaigners were more numerous.

    There was a mix of young and old at the polls.

  • Pete

    Just voted in Park Slope, and very surprised to see that my ballot did not contain any listing for the City Council race!

    Something can’t be right – it’s council district 39, Bill DeBlasio’s old seat, which has more than a few people running for the Democratic nomination.

    Needless to say, the poll workers didn’t know anything about it.

  • The local seats up for grabs this time around are in the legislature, not the City Council. There might not have been any Assembly or State Senate candidates to vote for either. Pretty sure Jim Brennan and Eric Adams are both running unopposed.

  • Pete

    Wait, but what about City Council seats? Aren’t those up for grabs in November?

  • Only the council seat in southeast Queens left empty by the death of Thomas White. Our current crop of council members were elected last year.


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