Today’s Headlines

  • Times Square Scare Gives New Yorkers Another Reason to Fear Automobiles (NYT)
  • Talk About Eyes on the Street: Vendors Hailed for Alerting Cops (NYT)
  • Albany Blotter: Smith Tied to Building Scam (News); Parker to Be Tried for Latest Assault (NY1)
  • MTA Payroll Increased in 2009 (Post)
  • For Many, Student MetroCard Cuts Could Effectively End School Choice (City Limits)
  • B46, M15 and Bx12 Top City’s Busiest Bus Lines (AMNY)
  • NY1 Covers NYPD Houston Street Bike Seizure
  • More Than 32,000 Cyclists Gather for Five Boro Tour (Advance, News)
  • Daily News Reporter Hops on a Bike for Ride on Nascent Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway
  • Times Op-Ed: Gulf Oil Spill Another Wake-Up Call to Auto-Dependent America
  • Now Hear This: Proposed Green Space on Riverdale Ave Will NOT Take Away Parking (R’dale Press)

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  • Is it me, or is the crime rate inside the state house in Albany among the highest anywhere in New York?

  • Larry Littlefield

    White collar crime has soared in general. We’ve essentially had a white collar riot — so many people have been acting criminally (or if not criminally selfishly) and getting away with it that even people who otherwise wouldn’t have joined in. There are very few counter examples out there.

    We had a street crime epidemic when certain generations were in the groups that typically produce street crime. When other members of those generations began to occupy positions of leadership, white collar crime went to the moon.

  • Did you guys hear the good news? Regarding the oil spill, President Obama said that “Your government will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to stop this crisis.”

    That obviously means investing heavily in transit, bike, and pedestrian projects, and raising the gasoline tax, so as to actually get at the root of the problem so that this isn’t as likely to happen again. Right?

  • You’re about a week behind the MTA’s release of the new subway and bus route ridership numbers. The B46’s overtaking of the M15 is one of the highlights; two more are the relative reduction in traffic at the 51st/Lex station, and the relative rise in traffic at Flushing-Main Street and 74th/Roosevelt.