Today’s Headlines

  • Guv Gives a Shout-Out to Pedro Espada’s Bridge Toll Proposal (TDP)
  • Full Board to Vote on Revised MTA Cuts (NY1)
  • Metro-North Looking for Station Site on the Upper West Side (LoHud)
  • Norm Oder Breaks Down the MTA’s Role in Propping Up Atlantic Yards
  • John Liu Announces Task Force to Reform Community Benefits Agreements (NYO)  
  • Bloomberg Rezoning Spree Isn’t Doing Much for Residential Densities (NYT)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Is Open (Post, City Room)
  • DOE Set to Renew Contracts With Suspect School Bus Companies (Post)
  • Cab Fare Fraud Maybe Not So Widespread After All (NYT)
  • Jamaica Pols, Merchants Not Opposed to All Parking Enforcement (News)
  • No Charges for Livery Cab Driver Who Hospitalized Bronx Mom and Son (News, NY1, Post)
  • James Molinaro: More Pavement, Wider Intersections Will Help SI’s "Traffic Problem" (NY1)

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  • Jay Walder has played what few cards he has fairly well – leveraging the state cuts to universally popular student Metrocards has converted the MTA’s enemy from last year into a bridge tolls advocate. Linking the bridge toll revenue to something immediate and popular will give it political legs that “investment in the MTA Capital Program” never could.

  • From the News article about the

    “He was not supposed to turn left. He was supposed to wait for me – I was going straight,” said Urena-Martinez, 28. “The sign hit the child. Not my car.” … George, 54, blamed the cabbie for the wreck: “He had enough time to stop.”

    Everybody wants to blame someone else. Lovely!

  • Re: tolls: Did the Feds ever spend of all of their congestion pricing seed money that we turned down last time? Any chance they still want to give that away?

  • No kidding, Cap’n. That News article is unbelievable–the reporter just lapped up the livery cab driver’s claim that the pole he knocked over was the culprit because it, not his car, hit the kid.

    The next crash, the driver should make sure to tell the News reporter: “Don’t blame me–I didn’t hit that pedestrian . . . my car did!”

  • Never mind that the crossing guard said the cab driver appeared to be “traveling very fast.” Does NYPD ever try to establish whether the perp, and I use the term intentionally, was speeding? Chances are there was nothing “freak” about this “accident.”

  • dave

    non-NYC news, denver has the set up the first of 50 bike share stations scheduled to start next month-

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Why would they even want to do business with companies that have proven records of corruption and bribery?” one school-bus insider asked. “What’s the message here?”

    “But DOE officials said the companies — which were not prosecuted for their alleged roles in the bribery schemes — have all agreed to strict monitoring and to contracts that would save the city a significant chunk of change.”

    If the city is getting a cheaper price from the mafia, perhaps the savings could be used to increase the city’s contribution to school transportation by New York City Transit.

    Perhaps NYCT can get a better deal on the capital side too.

  • To answer my own question, the latest word on the “Urban Partnerships” funding is that “New York City was unable to meet the terms of their agreement and, therefore, no longer able to participate in the program.”

    The info all seems to be out of date. I didn’t find anything about current funding programs for congestion pricing or similar. I miss Bush. (JK.)