Streetfilms Shorties: The Manhattan Bridge Turns 100

The Manhattan Bridge officially opened on December 31, 1909. While its 100-year anniversary came and went with little fanfare a few months ago, city officials paid respects today.

At the ceremony, Clarence caught up with Gridlock Sam Schwartz, who heads the NYC Bridge Centennial Commission. In this clip Schwartz describes the nearly catastrophic deterioration of the bridge, which prompted a massive rehab that began in the 1980s and is just now concluding.

You’ll definitely want to pause and take a close look at the 1:01 mark for a reminder of just how easy motorists have it today compared to 100 years ago.

  • Using an inflation calculator I found in google….
    What cost $.10 in 1899 would cost $2.54 in 2009.

  • Joe B

    The Manhattan Bridge is my favorite bridge in New York and probably in the world. Long live the old MB.

  • Masked Carrot

    Today riding over Manhattan Bridge was a dream. Encountered a couple dozen people and cyclists, but looking over at the absolutely mobbed Brooklyn Bridge I was grateful for the peaceful ride.

  • Paul B

    Joe B, hear, hear. All the excuse anyone needs to live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan (or vice versa.) I am just so ready for more late night summer bike rides home from work.

    Not exactly indispensable, but I would like to see that cyclone fence replaced with something that would open up the view.


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