Today’s Headlines

  • Brodsky and NYC Assembly Mems Shirk All Responsibility for Funding Student Metrocards (News)
  • De Blasio Mobilizing Parents to Call Albany Pols and Demand Restoration of Student Fares (MTR)
  • More Coverage of the Child Pedestrian Death in Borough Park Yesterday (News, Post)
  • Tom Vanderbilt: Making Toyotas Safer Is Easy; Making Safer Drivers Is the Tough Part (Slate)
  • When Will Doomsday Arrive for Cul-de-Sacs and Their Staggering Costs? (TreeHugger)
  • Another TIGER Winner: Philly’s Section of the East Coast Greenway (ECGA)
  • And Two Others That Missed Out: DC Transitway, Bike-Share Expansion (GGW)
  • North America’s Biggest Year-Round Bike-Share Debuts in Mexico City (Bike-Sharing Blog)
  • The Good News: USDOT, HUD, EPA Are Aligning; The Bad News: Congress (Citiwire)
  • Now That’s How to Embarrass Pedro Espada (Gothamist)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    New York’s Democrats are always there to demand funding for everyone, and compromise on funding for the rest of the state.

    Where is the NYC pol who is willing to say very well, the state is broke? The eliminate student transportation funding across the board. Can’t afford municipal aid for New York City? Eliminate it for all.

    And when will someone, anyone, say that the retired should pay the state state and local income taxes on the same income as those who work? How old are those Westchester state legislators decrying the MTA Payroll tax? How old are their peers? Have their children moved to a state with lower taxes and better public services?

  • J:Lai

    LL -at least NY is not CA and can’t pass expensive entitlements by direct proposition
    While funding can be blocked by a minority in the legislature … But we may be 2nd most disfunctional.

    I give full credit to MTA for milking student metrocard issue for all its worth. Working adults getting screwed doesn’t seem to have much traction, so maybe kids will.

  • Larry – The Lieutenant Governor would seem be the best fit. Except he was appointed, not elected to his role.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “The Lieutenant Governor would seem be the best fit. Except he was appointed, not elected to his role.”

    So was the Governor, Comptroller, Jr. Senator. Aside from the formality of a special election no one who isn’t an insider heard about or voted in, so was most of the state legislature.