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  • Larry Littlefield

    FYI the substitution of the V for the M in north Brooklyn is a service increase, not a cut, since far more people are heading to Midtown on that line than Downtown. Those who now have to transfer to the F via stairs would be able to transfer cross platform between the J and M to go to Midtown or Downtown.

    It is a service cut for the Queens Boulevard Line, since the BMT eastern division can only accomodate 8 car trains, and that’s what the V would have to be cut to. And it is a big service cut for south Brooklyn, which would lose six of trains going through DeKalb, with the number of trains through DeKalb going to Lower Manhattan cut from 16 (more when the W goes through) to 10.

    It seems the transit cuts are being focused on Brooklyn. Perhaps the MTA has figured out in than Brooklyn, the only people who matter politically drive and have parking placards.

  • In an interesting move, the Quinn/City Council also handed Dan Garodnick a black check on technology affairs. That is a great platform for him to work on a number of different issues although not sure if there is an opportunity for a big livable streets angle.