Caption Contest: Time to Expand Car-Free Broadway [Updated]

times_square_inferno.jpgJust another day at 53rd and Seventh. Photo: Gawker.

Hey, here’s some of that pulse-pounding New York City energy that a few people wish we still had in the middle of Times Square.

Instead of propelling a vehicle through midtown streets, the energy embedded in this taxi’s tankful of gasoline has been converted into giant fireballs, molten metal, and a black cloud of vaporized God-knows-what. City Room reports that, thankfully, there were no injuries, and in fact, no one really batted an eye. ("This was routine," said the FDNY spokesman.) I guess we’re just more accustomed to the sight of exploding taxis than people sitting outside on chairs, talking to each other. Gawker has another pic of the taxi after further combustion.


Update: Here’s some video, also via Gawker. I’m declaring the winner of the caption contest to be "curly" — nice TerraPass reference.

  • Fossil Fuel Fiesta

  • Shemp

    Cab sets self afire to protest pedestrianized Broadway

  • I’d actually really enjoy sitting on a lawn chair, sipping a mint julep, and watching cabs burn across the street in front of me. It sounds like an excellent afternoon.

  • curly

    those critical mass guys have gone to far this time

    where there’s smoke there’s for hire

    You want me to give you a tip?! here’s one: stop, drop and roll

    hey Mac, could you turn up the AC a little?

    Don’t worry– i’ll offset all of this with terra pass

  • Cabbie signals dispatch with (smoke) message that he is now off duty.

  • Cuozzo’s Revenge.

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Damned bike lanes!

  • Eileen

    Careless pedestrian spontaneously combusts, causing extensive damage to nearby innocent taxi.

  • gecko

    Witnessed similar years ago on Park Avenue and about 50th Street with a van on fire. Pedestrians just walked past.

  • Michael1

    Exploding taxis are nothing new. It just means rush hour has begun. …Analogous to a whistle blowing for construction workers to leave the job site.


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