Which Anonymous Council Members Want JSK Gone?

During his re-re-election campaign, Mayor Bloomberg said he planned to make room for new blood in his administration should he win a third term. It’s no surprise that City Hall News named Janette Sadik-Khan as one department head some have targeted for replacement, but while City Council members are often all too eager to complain about the DOT commish and her runaway safety improvements, this particular story cites but one disgruntled, unnamed source:

"A lot of elected officials do not like her-Democrats and Republicans-and they have made that known to the mayor," said one Council member who is close to the administration, adding that it would cost nothing, politically, to cut Sadik-Khan loose. "She doesn’t represent any sort of ethnic group or constituency that the mayor’s trying to pander to."

We’d love to know who on the council considers their non-driving constituents unworthy of "pandering." But since this no-cost declaration was issued anonymously, any guesses?

  • Nate

    this is really depressing. I voted was going to vote for Thompson but changed my mind at the last minute based largely on the improvements to the streets of NYC put in place by Sadik-Khan. It might be that she has no endemic support base in traditional terms but I, for one, voted for our mayor specifically because she was in his administration.

  • James

    As did I. My vote for Bloomberg was basically a vote for JSK. My hunch is that Bloomberg really does see her as untouchable – as the tip of the spear for his sustainability & transportation agenda – and that we have nothing to worry about.

  • Pete

    So who has been a major supporter of:

    1. The new 5-minute-parking extension?
    2. Attacking the Grand Street Bike lane?
    3. Attacking bicycle/pedestrian reforms in general?

    I’d put my money on anyone who falls into at least one of those groups.

  • IsaacB

    The model JSK is developing is a threat to “the road gang” nationwide. Don’t assume that her opposition is just Weprin, Liu and Felder or constituents. There is probably some serious lobbying going on to derail her. 🙁

  • fdr

    So Bloomberg keeps JSK and also keeps Amanda Burden to continue pro development zoning policy and Ray Kelly to keep current NYPD policy on parking and bikes. Four more years of contradiction.

  • Pete, you also have to consider that it’s a council member “close to the administration,” so not anyone who campaigned too heavily for Thompson. Quinn, maybe?

  • Shemp

    The other factor you have to consider is that City Hall (the mag) is almost always reaching to fill up daily space and is usually full of garbage-y gossip like this. They were one of the outlets, along with our buddies at WNYC, who were pushing the JSK-as-campaign-issue non-story earlier this fall.

  • ms nomer

    FDR – well said.

  • The Dynamic Mumeshantz

    I voted for Bloomberg because what he allowed JSK to do AND some of his health initiatives. That’s it. Bloomberg needed every vote he could get, and if he hadn’t done so much green stuff, he’d be gone. So he better keep her.

  • CityHallMaven

    It’s true.

    Her departure has been talked about for at least 18 months. It wasn’t the City Council that was thrusting her ouster. That development is relatively recent.

    Other City agencies simply don’t like her high-handed approach and failure to consult with them before implementing projects. That causes them headaches. BIDs and community advocacy groups also have been complaining regarding her autocratic approach, which they say harms business and the character of neighborhoods.

    Last year, I was told Bloomberg is loyal and dislikes firing his people, but that she would likely go soon. The hassles were not worth the benefits to him.

  • No one has named names yet. That’s no fun.

    I’ll start speculating with Letitia James. She’s about as anti-everything JSK stands for as it gets.

  • Sadik-Khan is one of the true bright lights in this city and on the American scene and Bloomberg should be encouraging her to go much faster and further while aggressively informing the people of the terrible waste, devastation, and extreme dangers of continued reliance on transportation systems based on cars.

  • James

    People cannot let their ideology get in the way of peoples’ rights. Janette Sadik-Khan rammed through all her “improvements” without any public input or discussion. And, nobody got to vote for her or against. Whether or not you agree with her projects, NOBODY ever got a chance to hear or talk about them; they just appeared one day. That is a dangerous precedent.

  • Ian Turner

    James, did we get to vote on whether or not to dedicate nearly all our public space to automobiles, or did all the noise, pollution, and danger just show up without warning? And if the latter, why should it be any harder to reverse the process?


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