The Race Is on to Map Out 300 Bike Racks for North Brooklyn

In September, dozens of people turned out for the Livable Streets Initiative’s first bike rack hunt in North Brooklyn, where we identified about 70 spots that are begging for some nice bike parking. The locations will be submitted to DOT as a bulk order for bike racks. But first, we’re raising the stakes.

With your help, LSI and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG) will suggest 300 locations for new bike racks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Finding good locations for bike parking is tougher than you’d think. The trick is to verify that all 300 spots are actually suitable for racks. This handy "How to Get Your NYC Bike Racks" Streetfilm by Robin Urban Smith explains it all.


So here’s the plan: This Sunday, you’re invited to join us on a "Tag or Treat" ride. We’re going to spread the word by scouring the streets for bikes and attaching notes that explain how to suggest bike rack locations using the FixCity: Bike Racks site. Then on November 22, we’re going to collect all the locations submitted through the website and put on a contest. Top prize goes to the person who verifies the most locations as suitable for bike racks (details to come).

label.jpgIf you can’t make it to either event, you can still suggest a rack location and verify that it is appropriate online. And starting Monday, if you have a smart phone you’ll be able to submit rack suggestions via email, on the spot. Simply snap a photo and send it to Include the address and name of the nearest establishment in the subject line and any further description in the message body (use the format at right). But first, watch the Streetfilm so you can suggest spots that DOT will actually take advantage of.

The bulk order for North Brooklyn is a pilot project of FixCity. If you’d like to get more involved in this bulk order or organize another one in your neighborhood, contact


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  From: stephanie — redbike606[at]yahoo[dot]comSent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 11:54 PMTo: tips@streetsblog.orgSubject: atlantic ave bike racks Hi Streetsblog, You may have noticed that there are new bike racks all up on Atlantic Avenue [in Brooklyn]. They’ve been installed all along Atlantic, from Clinton to 4th avenue, on both sides of the street.   Initially, I […]

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