CB 7 Approves Reso Favoring Protected UWS Bike Lanes

Manhattan Community Board 7 approved a resolution Tuesday in support of protected bike lanes for the Upper West Side. According to Streetsblog readers who attended and the Westside Independent web site, a mostly positive discussion on the merits of such improvements — in front of a packed house of residents wearing "Protected Bike Lanes Protect Everyone" stickers — preceded a 28-7 vote. Here’s the reso in full:

Protected bike lanes have brought measurable safety improvements to other neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Many members of the Upper West Side public, business community, and elected officials have all expressed support for protected bike lanes in petitions, surveys, letters, and public testimony.

Community Board 7 wishes to encourage safe responsible cycling in, to, and from this district.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT Community Board 7/Manhattan supports the Department of Transportation’s initiative to create protected bike lanes and requests that DOT prepare a proposal for Class 1 protected bike lanes on Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue (including information on projected impacts on: bike safety, pedestrian safety, business operations and interests, parking, truck traffic etc.) that would be subject to review and comment by Community Board 7.

We also have word that Community Board 8 unanimously approved a "pro-bike" resolution last night. More details on this jarring development as they become available.

  • Glenn

    Many congrats to the very thoughtful, patient and persistant grassroots effort by the UWS Streets Renaissance group to accomplish this. I attended the charette/workshop last year and have followed the group’s progress as they slowly built their case. Very well done.

    As for CB8, I won’t spoil the surprise, but I think we have some good progress there and many thanks to the Eastside Committee and in particular Michael Auerbach, new CB8 Board Member. Sometimes the loudest bike critics on the community board are a paper tiger.

  • UES details now!!!

  • Ken

    Before discussion of the bike lane resolution, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer addressed CB7 and the community on other matters, but he prominently sported a “Protected Bike Lanes Protect Everyone” sticker on his lapel!

  • da

    I hope CB8’s resolution is not the “We’re pro-bike, but…” variety.

    Every attack on bikes is now routinely prefaced with a pro-bike disclaimer.

  • Ed


  • Glenn

    Ok, I wasn’t there, but I confirmed with others that were and CB8 passed a similar resolution as CB7 with First and Second Avenues as proposed places for protected bike lanes. There were strong pro-bike lane speakers. Despite some general anti-bike sentiment by some individuals on the Board, a resolution was put forth by Michael and the Board surprisingly passed it unanimously at the Executive Session yesterday according to my sources.

    I passed my sources on to Brad and hopefully we’ll have a full story tomorrow.

  • BicyclesOnly

    Glenn, that sounds absolutely wonderful!


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