DA Candidate Snyder Releases Traffic Safety Plan

The Leslie Crocker Snyder campaign has announced a detailed transportation safety plank, rounding out a field of Manhattan district attorney candidates committed to advancements in traffic justice.

Leslie_Crocker_Snyder.jpgLeslie Crocker Snyder

Like Richard Aborn and Cy Vance, Snyder says she would: focus on prevention and deterrence through stepped-up enforcement and graduated penalties for gateway offenses like speeding; disregard the "Rule of Two" in assessing driver negligence; and revamp the crash scene investigation process.

Snyder has also pledged to elevate the stature of the Manhattan DA’s vehicular crimes unit by establishing a bureau chief position, following the model of DA offices in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

The Bureau Chief will have prosecutors on call to respond to the scene
of any automobile accident in which someone is killed to conduct an
investigation independently of the NYPD. When dealing with vehicular
crimes and criminally negligent homicide, it is essential that the
District Attorney’s Office obtain every piece of evidence possible to
ensure the proper investigation and prosecution of each case, because
traffic accidents often include a number of uniquely technical and
circumstantial factors that must be considered in their entirety.

Further, Snyder says she would work with NYPD to raise public awareness of speeding and distracted driving, "similar to other campaigns warning against drunk driving and encouraging the use of seat belts."

Campaign promises are, of course, worth only as much as the paper they’re printed on. But the response by all three candidates for district attorney has brought sorely-needed attention to a pervasive public safety menace that — unlike falling cranes and foolhardy football players — is most often regarded as a natural phenomena, as unmanageable as the weather. And now that each has vowed on the record to approach traffic crime with the seriousness it deserves, as Transportation Alternatives’ Peter Goldwasser told the candidates earlier this summer, “Once one of you is in office, we’ll remind you of the things you said today.”

Snyder’s traffic safety plan is not yet listed on the "issues" tab of her web site, but there is a link to the press release, also available here.

  • I like it, especially disregarding the terrible Rule of Two.

  • JK

    The implications of Snyder releasing this plan are bigger than Sblog lets on here. Snyder felt compelled to have a public street safety plan. I don’t recall a DA, or candidate for citywide office, ever feeling that a street safety plan is a political must. Yes, it’s a promise by a politician, but it means that these Manhattan DA candidates feel they must deal with street safety and the advocates and constituents who feel it’s important. That’s a big deal and a big change. It will take lots more hard work to eventually get all the candidates for DA, and Borough President, and mayor to have similar plans. But, it’s a hell of a change from even a few short years ago. Congratulations to TA for its persistent advocacy in getting these candidates on record.

  • glenn

    The rule of two seems quaint in NYC where the density and volume of pedestrians on the sidewalk and in the crosswalks DEMANDS attentive and careful driving. If someone is killed the burden of proof should be on the driver to explain how they were being extra-careful, not for the victim and their family to prove that laws were broken.

    Kudos to all the DA candidates for responding to the need for a thoughtful approach to traffic safety

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Agreed. This is the result of really good advocacy work by T.A. Nice job, T.A.

  • Tommaso Rossellini

    Aborn addressed this issue before and first. Enforcement, harsh prosecution, enabling victims. An issue not of prime debate but brought to the campaign by his swift action and decisive talk. Watch the others follow.


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