Today’s Headlines

  • New TA Report: NYPD AWOL as City Drivers Break the Law Three Times a Minute (Post
  • ACS Under Scrutiny After Child Is Killed by SUV-Driving Foster Parent (News)
  • Times Op-Ed: No Need to Conserve, Chicken Little; There’s Plenty of Oil Out There
  • Staten Island Dealers Brace for Post-Clunkers Crash (SI Advance
  • City Tries Out Hybrid Garbage Trucks (WNYC, Post)
  • 1 Train Service Restored to All Stations Except 181st Street (City Room)
  • "Two Sets of Books" Not the Only Questionable Claim From Candidate John Liu (News
  • MTA Seeks Data Fee for Mobile Phone Apps (AMNY)
  • Looking for Bike Parking Around the World (WashCycle via
  • Cycling Medics Save Time, and Lives, in London (Daily Kos)
  • lee

    Hybrid garbage trucks, Yes! I hate the level of noise pollution from the current fleet.

  • glenn

    Michael Lynch’s Opinion piece in today’s NYT is the reason why “opinion” pieces need citations, rigorous fact checking and a comments section for readers to dispute facts with the author. Ten trillion barrels of oil is a fantasy. New Technology has helped, but it was the discovery of the large fields in the North Sea and Alaska that prevented an earlier peak. Production has been stuck at 85 million barrels per day for 4 years now…likely causing the housing bubble to pop as demand pushed prices high without any new supply. Lynch is wrong and should be publicly rebutted.

  • Michael Lynch is awfully quiet about the fact that M. King Hubbert, speaking in 1956, predicted the U.S. oil production peak between 1965-70 — and it was 1970, right on the button. Here’s the Peak Oil Update from It pools together credible data and forecasts. What part of this doesn’t Lynch get?

  • brent

    NYPD Inspector Edward Mullen in the Post; “We expect to end the year with fewer than 260 traffic-related fatalities”. Gee, not very reassuring to the families of those 260 victims.

  • Josh

    The Post all of a sudden loves TransAlt when it gives them an excuse to criticize the NYPD, I guess.

    A couple of comments about the AMNY article about the MTA requesting royalties from software developers:

    “‘This is fact-based information, just like what’s in a phone book,’ said Jehiah Czebotar, 28, of Manhattan, who is fighting to keep selling a LIRR application.”

    I agree with this. Pure facts, like “such-and-such train will arrive at so-and-so time”, are not subject to copyright protection as the MTA seems to be saying they are. I don’t see how they have a leg to stand on here.

    “Why isn’t that train data available? The public needs this,’ said Samuel Wong, a technology aide for City Councilwoman Gale Brewer (D-Manhattan).”

    Well, it is. I mean, the MTA provides it for you on its website, free of charge, accessible by mobile phone, and has no problem with providing it to developers of free applications. It’s pretty bass-ackwards to complain about the information not being available for a fee when they want to give it to you for free. This is just more of the same old brainless MTA bashing.

  • The most important thing that Michael Lynch misses in his op-ed is that all these technological advances, and especially water pumping take ENERGY to implement, and with each added technique, the relative amount of energy acquired from oil is less.

    As oil becomes more and more scarce, we the ratio moves closer to 1:1 at which point, yes, there is still oil, but it would be counter productive to acquire it. Unless he is proposing to build an alternative energy system for the soul purpose of drilling for more and harder to come-by oil … which from a layman’s perspective seems counter-productive.

  • glenn

    We’re putting together a rebuttal over at The Oil Drum, but here’s some fast fact checking Nate did on Lynch’s piece

  • sam


    I would fact check your comment. The data is online, but not readable/programmable or useful for developers. The MTA does charge developers using their data…as you have read the article. The MTA schedules are also not up to date. All of their information is trademarked.