Ad Nauseam: Antisocial Thuggery From Pioneer

We’ve published a couple of items lately on how noise from motorcycles and booming car stereo systems continue to diminish quality of life in Inwood and Washington Heights — not that these problems are by any means unique to Upper Manhattan. The Queens-based NoiseOFF website has compiled a fascinating case against the manufacturers of car audio equipment, much of it drawn directly from product advertising, in which companies use slogans like "Turn it down? I don’t think so." and "Be Loud. Be Obnoxious." to market their wares, mostly to young men with a misguided longing for attention and "respect" (I speak from experience here).

For insight into the twisted psychology of boom car ownership, and the perverse ways it is exploited by the car audio industry, get a load of this long-form ad from Pioneer (also featured on NoiseOFF), entitled "Disturb." Think that guy on the block cares that he’s rattling windows and setting off car alarms? Hardly. More likely it’s his reason for living.

  • I find that the amount of enormous, noisy trucks found in NYC are to blame for the noise.

  • Welcome to Oakland:

  • If I had a car, I’d now know what car wash to avoid: Tan’s Touchless Car Wash in Santa Clara. Thanks for the tip, Pioneer.

    I think the image of a bunch of jerks from Pacifica, Santa Clara, and Oakland staging an illegal party on a SF pier neatly encapsulates the central problem of the car culture.

  • I love that one jerks story about how funny it was when he damaged a toddlers hearing with his stereo and they were “dogging him to turn it down”. I mean that’s so funny right. I am gonna go out right now and buy a pioneer child destroyer!

  • What a sad thing to be proud of

  • That youtube site does not even except comments.


    I bet the whole thing was scripted, a “docu-ad “

  • JTS

    ugh. lambo in a crosswalk, wheelies blowing through red lights. this may give New Urbanist types a heart attack.

  • Emily Litella

    Well whattaya expect? Brainswash people from birth with a consumer value system, pass ’em through the school ‘system’ throw a few bucks at ’em and bam this is what you get. The generate wealth for wealthy in exchange for some shiny baubles. The ruling class rarely has to endure this obnoxious behavior so it will never be properly regulated. I say let ’em have thier fun, it will all be over soon enough.

  • SB

    “Warehouse? Where is it?” “This party’s gonna be of the hooook.” Scripted? Could very well be, boyeeee.

    And saving up 30 or 40 grand to drop on stereo equipment by working a minimum wage job only 40 hours a week? Well, he ruled out drug dealing, so that leaves option B: lives with his mom.

    The guy gloating about a five year old freaking out, and covering his ears because of the noise needs a good swift kick in the teeth. Kids have sensitive hearing, and it’s exposure to loud noise that hacks away at that sensitivity – permanently – as they grow up.

    Which perhaps leaves them so they can only appreciate music loud enough to set off car alarms. Maybe that’s Pioneer’s secret marketing campaign: destroy their hearing while they’re young, so they need louder stereos once they’re old enough to have disposable income. (But still gullible enough to fall for this crap.)

  • harry

    how pathetic

  • Notice, however, the volume of the various stereos when the cameras were rolling, especially inside the cars.

    They talk about loud stereos, but don’t actually tape them.

    Off the hook!

  • Rich Wilson

    “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!”

    My friend, let me offer you an escape from that terrible fate…

  • there are plenty of other things women find attractive – like gifts, going out, and renting/owning your own home. Living with mom so you can buy a louder stereo is a all-around lousy stratgy.

  • eggs from a roof

    Want to get rid of cars with loud stereo systems? Just key the car on both sides when its unattended

  • ddartley

    Jesus Christ bring back the draft or something.


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