Roosevelt Island Cyclists Given a Week to Clear Racks

RIgrab.jpgPhoto: Roosevelt Island 360

Following up on last week’s news from Roosevelt Island, where cyclists were informed that they would no longer be allowed to store bikes on public racks overnight, Roosevelt Island 360 reports that the warning signs are out.

According to an e-mail from Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation President Steve Shane, however, enforcement will not begin until next week. At that point, any bike found on a rack between 2 and 5 a.m. will be confiscated, says the RIOC, and owners will have 48 hours to claim them before they are donated to a thrift store.

Shane told Streetsblog that the RIOC only wants to stop the proliferation of abandoned bikes on the racks, and that alternative suggestions were welcome (Streetsbloggers offered several). But for now at least it looks like it’s full steam ahead with the original mass confiscation plan.

Follow the jump for a close-up of the RIOC flier. RI 360 has asked for more prominent signage.