Streetfilms: A Conversation With Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Moments after he delivered the keynote address to the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), Oregon’s Rep. Earl Blumenauer, head of the Congressional Bike Caucus, met with us for this exclusive one-on-one chat.

Streetsblog Editor-in-Chief Aaron Naparstek talks with the
congressman about the current federal stimulus bill and how advocates
can better engage their leaders. Of the new White House team, which has
not shown much energy in pushing transit or livable streets issues thus
far, Mr. Blumenauer states:

Just because [people and advocates] may feel more comfortable with this
administration — it doesn’t mean they should let up on the pressure.

Amen. With the big federal transportation bill coming up, this is an important year, people. Let that sentence stick in your noggin for the next 324 days.

  • It will be a slightly more happy than sad day for livable streets when, at a debate in some future presidential election, Charles Gibson presents a youtube question from some citizen who demands to know why one candidate doesn’t wear a bike pin.

  • anonymous

    The Congressman is awesome.

    ddartley: haha

  • Chris in Sacramento

    Wow, what a well-done video. Streetsblog and is becoming quite professional…while losing hardly any of the spunk that makes it the place to be!

    Earl B. offers at least one concrete idea– influencing ObamaNation. Surely many readers here are receiving emails from local [City] for Obama chapters. We need to contact the organizers of these groups with messages urging that progressive transportation becomes a centerpiece of the Obama platform. Steering them to Streetsblog or Streetfilms would be a good start.

  • Fern Henley

    News flash: all of us including our representatives know–the tax base in its present condition won’t support any kind of health care delivery system. Not even an ‘economy based health care system’. HMO’s are silly anyway. The Hill-Burton health care act will be good as we proceed to get our economy back on track. How? Rally the citizens around a ‘Mission to Mars’ says The anxiety level of our citizens are making them ungovernable. Obviously they’ve been unable to select a strong leader that can guide us out of this mess economically.

    The stress level of my dear friend who started nursing at the University of Alabama in ’69 is such that she has turned her back on the oath she took to practice nursing and is ready to leave off neglecting her patients as she is compelled to do presently due to understaffing (she takes care of 30 disturbed teenagers every day) and recommend euthanasia for the elderly and handicapped so there will be more nurses to go around for the rest of us. This amounts to dehumanization of a dear soul that was not raised to think this way but has been worn out by the present health care system. All of us yourself included are yearning for a better way. I say, take the high ground and set your goals to meet the Creator’s intentions for humankind. Stop thinking about conservation and think about living abundantly–build 150 nuclear power plants to get us the energy get somewhere. We’ve got the wisdom after seeing how coal mining technology has harmed and benefited us, let’s use it and get the energy. I use to pray for wisdom not I pray for energy since I’m 70 years old! God bless us all. And thank you for your hard work and leadership in these exciting times like we’ve never seen before in recorded history.

    Reading the selections in Step 3 on your webpage contact form I will include a comment on transportation. High speed mag-lev global rail system would unite the planet, enable shared goals amd make for peace and prosperity. The electricity required for this rail system, (a rebirth of industry and subsequent tax base, desalination of water, fuel cell cars, isotope production for medical treatment, to name a few other topics,) is only possible with nuclear energy. Stewart Brand, co-editor of the old Whole Earth Catalogue says so, too.


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