BYO Bike Lane


Looking to circumvent a citywide bike lane injunction or avoid bike lane-related Community Board histrionics? Alex Tee and Evan Gant from the product design firm Altitude Inc. have a novel solution for you: Use laser beams to project your own lane from the back of your bicycle. Gant tells me that he and Tee developed their LightLane concept for a design competition aimed at encouraging bike commuting. For now, the idea exists only on paper but the duo has received so much positive feedback, they are planning to build a prototype.

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    Kinda Zen. Where is there a bike lane? Wherever my bike is.

  • I love it! “What are you doing in the bike lane?!”

  • J. Mork

    Here’s something else worth looking at, from the comments on the bike lane blog.

  • somebody
  • That’s true, somebody, but I think we came up with the snappiest headline.

  • I would like one that says “No Smoking”, but that is another blog.

  • Okay, sign me up for a laser bike lane and a speed vest. Is there a discount if one buys both?

  • T B

    but this device reduces the energy-efficiency and other environmental-efficiency of bicycling

  • Dave

    not if it’s run off of pedal-generated power like the lights on my bike and many others.

  • Ian Turner

    TB, how do you figure? This device would consume at most tens of watts of energy, while even a small scooter can consume 4000, and a typical automobile is more like 200,000 watts. Even the rider himself is generating hundreds of watts of work. The energy output of this lamp is simply inconsequential.

  • C

    Notice how he’s going against the flow of traffic…

  • T B

    I didn’t know that pedal power was an option here; I just assumed that batteries would be necessary. With those batteries there would be other environmental issues, but clearly battery power isn’t the only option here.

    Regardless, the lighting devices still have to be produced, distributed, and disposed of (inasmuch as they aren’t compostable or recyclable; and if they are partially recycled, there would be environmental costs involved.)

    I’m not trying to dismiss these devices; I’m just raising issues that should be taken into account.


BYO Bike Lanes Coming Soon

Via Gizmodo: A laser device that allows cyclists to project their own bike lanes has gone from cool idea to prototype. Positive reponse to the concept from Alex Tee and Evan Gant of Altitude Inc. was significant enough to put LightLane into production. See the beta version in action above. Thoughts?