Wiki Wednesday: San Francisco’s Better Streets Plan

This week’s StreetsWiki entry highlights an intriguing storyline that our colleagues at Streetsblog San Francisco will be covering in the months ahead. The Better Streets Plan aims to establish a citywide template for street improvements:

pic13909.jpgThe Plan describes a set of policies for the City and County of San Francisco to follow to achieve a more livable streetscape environment. It creates a street typology system for making streetscape improvements, and describes appropriate standard and optional elements for each street type. For each element, there is a set of guidelines for appropriate location and design. Finally, the Plan will describe ways that the City can fund, maintain and enforce Better Streets improvements.

The folks at local advocacy org Livable City say the street types in the plan are a step up from the traditional, car-centric classification system, but caution that the current draft lacks critical components:

Important tasks, like identifying which streets are of what type, and creating standards for essential elements of successful streets (street lighting and pedestrian-friendly building fronts, for example) are missing so far. The Better Streets project also shied away from addressing the speed and volume of traffic, two critical elements for creating safe and livable streets. Governance (how city agencies plan and coordinate street projects) and a strategy for funding and implementation also need to be addressed.

Starting in January you can read about the evolution of Better Streets in the cyber pages of Streetsblog SF. In the meantime, members of the Livable Streets Network familiar with the plan should feel free to dive in and flesh out this wiki entry.


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