Cartoon Tuesday: Priority


Click through for the conclusion to this week’s toon, which comes to us from Rick Smith of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Smith’s strip, Yehuda Moon, is a serialized saga with daily entries going back to January. I’m still making my way through the storyline, but having biked the greenways of Lorain County, I had a soft spot for this installment.

  • I love Yehuda Moon and only recently rediscovered the comic, after several months of not seeing it, about 4 days ago via the Copenhagenize blog. Since then I’ve seen the comic referenced at least 4 other times in the bicycle blogesphere.

    Really cool but weird how that happens some times.

  • I grew up in Shaker and everything in this comic is spot on! It brings back so many memories– like biking to school and how they kept moving taking away then putting back the racks… Ah…. Shaker.

  • ddartley


John Leguizamo’s Green Limo

This is too fun not to post. John Leguizamo, who’s been biking in New York since before the actual Summer of Sam, takes a CNN crew on a ride through Midtown and shares some pointers on NYC cycling. (Sorry about the BASF commercial you’ll have to sit through before it gets started.) Leguizamo’s big pitch […]