Streetfilms: Boulder Goes Bike Platinum

Clarence Eckerson rounds out Streetfilms’ series on Boulder, Colorado with this long-form opus. Boulder was recently awarded a rare platinum rating from the League of American Bicyclists, and here we get a flavor for the city’s bike network and the story behind it. I like this telling detail: When it snows, Boulder’s bike paths get plowed first.

Clarence notes a more significant hallmark of cities that place a high priority on safe biking:

Having produced Streetfilms on all three platinum bike cities, one
thing that is beginning to emerge as a tell tale sign of a
healthy biking city: the numbers of youngsters riding bicycles. Boulder
has numerous programs to encourage kids to walk and bike and we were
lucky enough to include two of them here.

  • Chris in Sacramento

    Clarence, that was one of your best videos– comprehensive, upbeat…just the right amount of looniness ;-).

    Impressions: 1) For a city of that size, that’s a whole bunch of people doing green transportation planning and promotion; 2) The thoroughness with which they have minimized at-grade intersections of paths and roadways is stunning (and strikes the curmudgeon within as not easily replicated in less wealthy or progressive communities); 3) I wonder how helpful cultural homogeneity is in making change such as this.

  • lorenzo from France

    Very Cool city ! the future of humanity ?

  • da

    Nice! What are the other 2 platinum bike cities?

  • Portland and Davis, CA

  • Oh Clarence.

    You poor overworked slave, you.

    If you need help climbing those mountains I’m sure I could be of assistance. I’d be willing to “take one for the team.”

    Otherwise, I think Davis, CA better be careful. I’m very familiar with Davis having visited and biked all over town a number of times while visiting a good friend and it sure looks from this video that there might be a new #1 bicycle town.

    Also, if you were a CEO and could locate your headquarters anywhere in the US, wouldn’t Boulder seem like such a nice place to locate? You know with all those intelligent, healthy, well educated people all enjoying a high quality of life and all.

  • After living in Boulder for 10 year, I have seen the city go downhill. Also, please remember that the City of boulder has a population of maybe 50K people and a huge reverse commute of people coming into the town from the outlying communities due the oppressive cost of living there.

  • Majd Chana

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