Today’s Headlines

  • Post Previews Tonight’s UWS Livable Streets Blueprint Launch
  • Experts Say GM Bankruptcy Preferable to Bailout (NYT)
  • Area Job Losses Tied to Decrease in Toll Collections (City Room)
  • Gas Tax Hike Not the Answer to Transportation Woes (Grist
  • Oregon Gov Wants to Raise Driver Costs for $1B Transpo Package (Oregonian via Planetizen)
  • City Council Expected to Approve Bloomberg Willets Point Plan (News, NY1)
  • City Bike Racks Coming to Riverdale? (R’dale Press)
  • MTA Three Years Behind on Anti-Terror Measures (Post
  • Civilians Police Their Own Streets Against Speeders. NPR Thinks It’s Cute.
  • From the Post article:

    “It’s going to cause a lot more traffic, and especially rush hour will be crazy,” said cabdriver Abubakar Abdullah, 45. “We already have the same problem on Ninth Avenue below 34th Street because of the bicycle lanes. Motorists have rights, too.”

    Uh, what rights would you be claiming, Mr. Abdullah? The right to never sit in traffic? The right to dominate the majority of the street width? I don’t see those rights enshrined anywhere. You still get the free use of much of this government-subsidized facility; what are you complaining about?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Experts Say GM Bankruptcy Preferable to Bailout”

    As someone with a different expertise, I can say that may be true for New York City, New York State and the MTA. Those aren’t my debts, and those pensions were what the powerful granted to themselves. Having those who weren’t in on the deals forced to pay them back is sheer exploitation.

  • I’ve submitted the City Racks request form for bike racks in various locations throughout Riverdale over a dozen times, as far back as a year ago. Not a single one of my requested racks has ever been installed.

  • jlm

    I appreciated the advertisment for the two-seat bicycle car that accompanied the Riverdale Press article.

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    Michael, did you submit rack requests for destinations like cultural institutions, subway and express bus stops and major retail? It has been my experience that requests for a rack ‘in front of my apartment building’ don’t get fulfilled very fast, if at all.

    If your answer is ‘yes,’ you might want to (try to) enlist the assistance of the community board district manager, who gets lists of where racks are going to be installed and should be able to get the CityRacks manager on the phone for some answers. Good luck.

  • Ian Turner

    The backlog on cityracks is up to something like 18-24 months, I gather.