Eyes on the Street: Election Day 2008


Photo pool contributor captaindisko reports record lines in Park Slope., while there was no waiting at my Inwood precinct as of about 1:30.

How was your voting experience?

Update: Tim Robbins found himself purged from his precinct’s voter rolls this morning and had to go before a judge in order to vote. Coincidence?

  • Prospect Heights (underhill + st. marks) had lines over 1 hour when my wife went at 7 AM and again when I went at 10 AM… presumably all day.

    A pair of “republican observer”s (according to name tags) tried to prevent my wife from voting via lever machine, due to a clerical error in the book – someone had written a number in her reference signature box. They wanted her to cast a provisional ballot. She raised a stink for 10 minutes before they let her use the machine. She then called the board of elections to complain and they said she should not have been told to use a provisional ballot.

    I had no problems from the one (democrat) observer at the table when I signed in.

  • I cast my first congestion-pricing protest vote, or perhaps I should say abstention. I pulled the lever for every Democratic candidate except for my assemblyman, O’Donnell (there was no alternative candidate to vote for). Of course, thanks to Shelly, he never actually voted against CP. But he sure didn’t get out front and beat the drum for it. That’s what I require of my elected officials.

  • Davis

    Likewise. I voted for the Republicans running against Joan Millman and Velmanette Montgomery.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I voted against all the incumbents at the state level. Again. They’ve already done enough damage that it probably doesn’t matter, but there is no point in changing anything now.

    I threw on some sweats and walked down the block at a minute to 6 am, as usual. I’m generally one of the first three people there. This time the line was around the corner, and I didn’t get out until 6:37 am.

  • JF

    I also voted against my incumbent Democratic assembly member who couldn’t take a stand for congestion pricing. But I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the incumbent Democratic state senator who was for pricing but later chickened out.

  • Mike

    I was proud to vote against the anti-congestion-pricing hack Hakeem Jeffries for Assembly, even though it won’t do any good.

  • marty

    In this CNN blog by Christianne Amanpour, she writes these glorious words, about her experience this morning in New York: “As I rode my son to school by bike”!!!
    Thats a bit of election coverage I can actually stomach!
    Here’s the article:

  • Ace

    They took away my name and gave me a number too! I refused to vote via affidavit as well. This was before work. From work I called the board of elections and was told to draw a line through the number, print my name and then sign as usual. I told the poll workers this, along with the name of the person at Adams street, and in the evening I was allowed to vote via machine.