Big Day for Transportation Ballot Initiatives

11_03_08_bruins.jpgIn case you’re not already tracking enough outcomes this evening, the Overhead Wire will be live-blogging the election with an eye toward a bevy of transit-related ballot initiatives. Here’s a sampling (links ours):

  • St. Louis – An election is being held to give Metro a half cent more in order to keep up with operating expenses and expand Metrolink, the region’s light rail system. It’s called Proposition M.
  • Los Angeles – This would be a half cent sales tax for capital expansion. It’s called Measure R.
  • Oakland/Berkeley – AC Transit is looking to raise the parcel tax $48 annually to pay for operations. This measure is called VV. Update from the comments on a different ballot measure in Berkeley: KK in Berkeley would make it more difficult to build BRT or light rail,
    by requiring a vote of the people any time a lane is converted from
    auto to transit use.
  • Kansas City – A half cent sales tax is on the ballot to build a starter light rail line.

Californians will also be voting on a bond issue for high-speed rail. The long-awaited, hard-fought Proposition 1A would devote $10 billion toward a bullet train line from Northern to Southern California. It has the backing of Governor Schwarzenegger and was polling at close to 50 percent as the vote neared.

With transit agencies straining to keep up with demand as federal support lags, referenda like these could be key to growing and sustaining many local and state systems.

If anyone knows of other big transportation votes happening today, please leave in comments.

Photo via Streetsblog Los Angeles

  • Actually, KK in Berkeley would make it more difficult to build BRT or light rail, by requiring a vote of the people any time a lane is converted from auto to transit use. But we at No on KK are expecting a big victory: the mayor, all the councilmembers, the Sierra Club, the League of Women Voters, and many more have endorsed no on KK>

  • We got a ballot proposition that would do some bonding for High Speed Rail. Proposition 1A would raise the money, through bonding, to run a high speed rail line from San Francisco to San Diego via LA. Would be pretty cool if it happens.

  • Peter

    Si – KK makes BRT in Berkeley more difficult. Vote ‘Yes’!

  • natrius

    Santa Clara County Measure B extends BART from its current endpoint to the Caltrain line in San Jose, which would complete the loop of rail around the San Francisco Bay.

  • somebody

    you left out the state of washington with two items.

    one state initative concerning roads:

    and one city/county measure regarding mass transit:

  • Berkeley’s KK lost by a margin of more than 3 to 1. A big victory for BRT.



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